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783: Worst Madden Curse Ever

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Rod and Karen discuss Adrian Peterson, NFL discipline, Darren Wilson, the $5,000 virgin, doctor takes selfie with Joan Rivers, Patti Labelle on trial, Disney parents in movies, death penalty, Marriott Tipping, Catholic marriages, a man goes back to prison, Hostel horror, racist twitter teacher, man shot protecting grandbabies, the Economist on slavery, Fridge 911, chicken choker, drunk picking up kids, bus black eye and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Crad1cus

    Damn, there’s 30 Fucking with Black People stories in the hopper? At the current rate we’ll never get through them all, because it’s not like society is going to stop with the fuckery. I think some day this week should just be a DAY OF RAGE where you guys go through all the stories in the backlog. Or maybe some other more reasonable option, I guess that’s ok too 😀

  2. Cappadonna

    Rod and Karen:

    First, welcome!! My Stitcher has been rather barren with Rod’s nerd references & Karen’s wonderful country twang.

    Now, to Danielle Watts’ crying foul because the cops told her to stop screwing her Blanco Bay in front the Pigley Wiggly. Pardon my language but ….This Nigga…. That deserved at least a 75% for fucking with Black people, 25% for acting a fool and 50% for going on a social media crocodile tear campaign.

    First, based upon the tape – the Cop wasn’t harassing Danielle, he just wanted to clear the air and go on with his beat. If she would have just showed her license, the cops would run a check, see no problem and gone on their way. I lived in LA for 5 years now, and Hollywood for three of them. Trust, there are plenty of actual pimps and hoes running around Studio City. The vice cops aren’t going to waste time once they confirmed that nothing was wrong.

    Rod, is this what you would call “The Ebony Tower”, upper middle class Black people who’s lives were sheltered from realities of Black life as we would know it. Trust, the average successful Black women who grew up in the hood a) wouldn’t be screwing their man in front of their job in broad daylight and b) aren’t going to give lip to cop who is just asking to see a license. Both are a quick trip to pookie. Classic “Bougie Girl Syndrome” to me. I could her what screaming “What do you know who I am? My grandfather marched with King and my mother was one of the first Black female partners at Deloitte” Agggh!!! College flashbacks. I bet she still has her Jack & Jill Cotillion dress & field hockey skirt from Exeter in her closet.

    And as for the New Zealand hostel owner raping dudes while they slept their rooms….but what wear they wearing? OK. Enough

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