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785: It’s Not TV It’s #JayBeyOh


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Rod and Karen discuss a concert let down, On The Run TV event, more nudes leaking, Keisha Cole got arrested, don’t fight the cops, butts are now boobs for white people, yoga jerker, point guns at kids, kid in a dryer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Butterbean

    Really?! We are going to talk about how tight and rockin Beyonce’s body is looking after she “had her baby”? I’ll give it to her that she is a masterful performer with an awesome figure, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be one of those people pretending that I didn’t see her so-called baby bump fold on television. That was as natural as your knee bending outwards. In the end, she had a beautiful baby girl while maintaining a gorgeous figure, but I hate how she is lying about how she got there. And those fuzzy, naked bump videos, etc doesnt mean shit when her instagrams photos are always doctored. Keep in mind that I can have a video of myself riding in the car with JFK too. I hate to be a hatin ass nigga and would live and let live, but people mentioning her body bouncing back is just what she wanted and just gets under my craw every time!

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