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792: Kanye Won


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss annoying cartoon wives, the Tupac of nudes, ya mama on Tinder, the dangerous side of the bed, Isis is the new Knock Out game, robots are the black people of science fiction, IRS, National Podcast Day, Wiz and Amber, chipotle baby change, White House security, airplane drunk lady, Maxine Jones, Zahara Green, SVU, Ferguson price gouging, rap battle rapist, rapey frat, Bon Qui Qui, NYPD, AZ ice tea arrest, bad neighbor, unloaded gun, beheading, threat to behead and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    That Zahara Green story is so disappointing. She is catching a double whammy of fuckery. There is one group of people don’t care because she is a trans-woman. Then there is a group that believes that rape is an acceptable part of living in prison. Everyone knew that she was going to be the biggest target in male general population. The officers not only ignored the rapes but help facilitate the assault.

  2. Kyle

    Awww shit. Cartoon trivia

    I think a lot of those cartoons you named are somewhat inspired by the Flintstones, Which is based on an old sitcom called the The Honeymooners. Both Fred and Wilma are based on the two main actors in this one Minute clip.


    Also Family Guy was based on two shorts made for cartoon network called The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve.

  3. P-Funk

    Something I’ve noticed on the show recently on the show. When you talk about American Dad on the show, you credit Rachael MacFarlane (Seth’s sister) with the show being funnier than Family Guy. I’d never heard this before, so I checked the American Dad IMDB page. The only credit Rachael has is as a voice actor. Is there an interview or report that talks about her having a bigger role behind the scenes?

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