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793: Ending Right Supremacy


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Rod and Karen discuss the right power industrial complex, Tony Bennett has a number one hit, Julia Pierson resigns, Tracy Morgan, Rick Scott’s add fails, mayor killed by wife, black sperm mix-up, Paula Deen mentoring black kids, drag queens can keep Facebook names, FKA Twigs, watermelon toothpaste cartoon, stabbing over text, witch torture and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Crad1cus

    You Left-Handers always want to move the us into separate groups. Personally I don’t care f you’re Left-Handed, Right-Handed, Red-Handed, or Purple-Handed. Maybe you lefties should focus less on what makes us different and more on what makes us the same!

    Stop thinking of yourselves as Lefty-Americans! Here’s a novel idea, why not just be AMERICANS?
    (This message brought to you by the Right Pride Foundation)

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t of said it better myself.

  2. vcthree

    When Julia Pierson was chosen to replace Mark Sullivan as head of the Secret Service, the expectation was that she would restore lost credibility to the unit in the wake of scandals. Not even two years later, she had to go because their credibility actually got worse.

    The thing is, she could no more change the culture of the Secret Service, mainly because she was a component of the culture there. She was Sullivan’s chief of staff through all of these security breaches: the Salahis at the State Dinner (for which the Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers–a black woman–took the fall); the Oscar Ortega-Hernandez shooting in November 2011, in which bullets hit the White House and the Secret Service didn’t know anything for four days; and the prostitution scandal in Colombia.

    Miriam Carey tried to drive through a checkpoint a year ago, got chased to the Capitol, and died. But now people are climbing over fences, standing in elevators with cameras on, and the Service can’t do shit about it? This is the fourth or fifth time in six years we’ve heard about a major security breach at or near the White House, and the people charged with protecting the life of the leader of the free world seem to be getting worse at the job, not better.

  3. ShayLDavis

    This week in podcast confessions: I am “trans-handed.” I was born left handed but for some reason my dad decided that wasn’t okay (I think it was a religious thing) and then proceeded to convince my mom to make me write with my right hand. The end result was me having horrible handwriting and being awkwardly “bi-handed” in that I write with my right hand, but I do pretty much everything else with my left hand. I do sports with my left hand, I eat with my left hand, I use my computer mouse on the left side, I put my watch on my right wrist which is something right handed people usually don’t do. So I am ready to be an ally to your cause Rod!! Because I to have been affected by “right supremacy.”

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