Yup we’ve been busy as hell the last few months. Of course there are many episodes of the premium shows on the premium page, but we’ve also been guest on many of your (and our) favorite podcasts. Also the password for the RSS feed is changing. If you’re a premium member please log in and scroll to the bottom of the premium page to see it.


You can find any of the podcasts below by searching the names on iTunes and Stitcher or clicking the link below.

Rod was on the Fiyastarter.com Podcast


Karen was on the Good And Terrible Show episode 11 “Police Brutality”

Rod and Karen were on episode 450 of the Insanity Check “4 Loko Crew Back

Karen was on Project Fandom discussing episode 8 of The Strain

Rod was on the Insanity Check Podcast 449: Obama Stan

Karen was on Black Astronauts Ladies Launch episode Pina Colada Life

Rod was on The Black Astronaut’s Podcast: Vindication

Alright guys that’s all for now. See you soon.