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LSG 21: Farmer’s Market


Karen talks with Ms Musiclover of Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast about baking, and food spots in Atlanta and Charleston.

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Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast


  1. scriberesq

    Great “interview” – I put interview in quotes because Karen’s demeanor and curiosity lets her guests speak freely on their expertise so it comes across as an informative, insightful conversation.

    Yes, Talenti Gelato is yummy!

  2. denimqueen

    Love this episode! It was such a fun episode to listen to and I was suprised that an hour and half passed so quickly. 🙂

  3. NatashaP

    I’m soo late leaving me this feedback 😔

    This episode was EVERYTHING! Karen and Diedre, y’all make want to run out to a farmers market right now. I could listen to you guys talk about cleaning greens and making mac&cheese for hours.

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