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797: 7th Heathen


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Rod and Karen discuss meth smoking during porn, Cali bans confederate flag, women have plan b men, Chai-Yen, Mariah Carey, Denzel Washington song, Jennifer Lawrence interview, Drake threatens stripper, Wal-Mart cuts health benefits, Miley’s date goes to jail, 7th Heaven dad is a pedo, Darrien Hunt, Woman killed for rejecting a man, Cardinals Mike Brown protest, Beiber, chef killer, moped killer, cub scout thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Animal Thug

    I agree with the other comments you got me hooked on Froggy Fresh( Formerly Krispy Kreme) I watched all the music videos thanks you and Karen keep it coming


  2. doctorabraceive

    That Denzel track was the absolute best. I forgot why the hell I went to Walmart for a good 10 minutes because I was laughing so hard.

  3. evo_08

    Damn it Rod it’s all your fault that I’m watching these Froggey Fresh videos.

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