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BDS 74: Steve Nash Back!


Rod and Justin discuss listener emails, the NFL games from last week, MJ on shortened season, Percy Harvin rumors, Winston going pro early, Bears locker room, drunk Tennessee fan, Slova Voynor, Michael Sam cut, Oscar Postorius gets 5 years kind of, Blake Griffin slapping people, Mone Davis, Lil Girl insult from PGA president, Steve Nash, Dante Cunningham, UNC, draft lotto, Lindale, Treon Harris back, NFL ex-wives and this week in Mamba.


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  1. PrinceLeron

    Even as the premiere Kobe Hater in the US, I can’t get with all the disdain for the black mamba. I remember when hating Kobe meant something. I hate Kobe because I was the biggest Sacramento King fans in the early 2000’s. Kobe is the reason why I no longer can get emotionally attached to teams; Kobe killed my fan hood. All this new Kobe hate is just people looking for points to support their own agenda. It has to stop. And it seems that reporters switch on Kobe about four or five times a year.

    Also the Lebron comparisons have to stop. The reporters are so biased in their stories. And I have a good example for that. Smush Parker told a story about Kobe and they starting writing stories about how Kobe is a bad teammate. But LeBron’s teammates shit on him as soon as he leaves town. They treat LeBron like a fake-ass work friend. I can’t wait until Kobe retires because he is going to be sooooo good.

    I have to end this comment with fuck Kobe, fuck Shaq and Fuck Robert Horry twice.

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