Logic – Under Pressure get into this album.

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Now onto the business. We’ve been doing guest appearances on other podcasts spreading the TBGWT gospel. You can find all of these podcast on iTunes or Stitcher by searching the podcast name. Here are the links below for the lazy folks.

Rod and Karen were on Movie Trailer Review’s Insanity Check Podcast with Kriss. Episode 454 – Penis Privilege

Rod was on several episodes of Podcast Fandom’s Review of Scandal Episodes 2: State of the Union and Episode 3: Inside The Bubble and a little bird told me he might’ve been on the recap of episode 5 which will be out soon.

Rod was FINALLY back on Where’s My 40 Acres after over a year hiatus. The result was an epic two part marathon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  374: Blacker-Ish and 375: Factual Facts