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816: Triggering Art


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Rod and Karen discuss Benedict, Lena Dunham, Chris Rock on SNL, Lauryn Hill is late again, Tom Magliozzi passes, Taylor Swift takes her stuff of Spotify, a man tortures his daughter’s rapist to death, Gawker is wrong about Latifah, Street Harassment mansplainer, Gop Black Chick vs. Stacey Dash, Ben Stein says Obama is the most racist president, James Fortune, hanging out with a toddler and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    For the guys who feel the need to defend the actions of other men they just want to do what they want to do and aren’t going to let anyone tell them differently. I grew up in the deep south (GA) and was taught to speak when you pass someone by; to someone older than you and especially to other black folks. That said, I also know how to read someone’s body language and not say something – regardless of gender. If a woman is walking with her head down and or eyes purposefully looking straight ahead I know not to say anything and don’t (and am cool with doing so) If our eyes happen to make contact and maybe linger a bit in mutual acknowledgement I’ll maybe smile back, mouth a ‘How you doin?’ [Southern speak for hi] and keep it pushing. But even when they don’t acknowledge me, I don’t get mad, curse them out or think ill of them. I’m a stranger – they don’t owe me a thing.

    AS for Lena Dunham my fascination with why her show is so popular aside, I think she and/or her handlers have overestimated her bulletproof..ness(?) Any references to being a sexual predator (even in jest) needs to be prefaced repeatedly to ensure there isn’t a misunderstanding (not that I think that was the case here because all those incidents you read sounded pretty molesty to me.

  2. Kyle

    If Spotify isn’t paying artist enough money to stream their music, then it makes sense for some artist to take their music off the service. I just wonder the role labels will play in all this, especially considering that they are not fans of streaming services. Plus,If the streaming services do pay more will the artist see any of that money? I don’t think people remember that in 2008 Thirty Seconds to Mars claimed that they didn’t get payed any royalties for selling 2 million albums.

    And on top of that, in 2012 YouTube had to strip major labels of 2 Billion views! All of which were basically fake. Honestly, I just wish the labels and everyone selling or streaming the music would behave themselves. Its really disheartening to see the music industry become dirtier and dirtier .

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