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817: Beth Tubman


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss voting, #DeyWalking, a woman is kidnapped on camera, Lena Dunham postpones tour dates, an article about a man who can’t find dates, Don Lemon, driver lying about their age and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Apoplexis

    There are two things that will make me stop looking at a show. One, if the story gets too illogical or unsensical, and two, if they kill off all of the characters whose stories I care about. Last season the only two characters whose stories I really cared about were Carol and Michonne. So when Rick sent her away, I actually stopped watching and then at the end of the season went back and binge watched. I’m so glad Carol is back I can barely stand it. This was the first episode where I have actually liked anyone from the farm. I don’t like Maggie, Glenn, didn’t like Herschel, or Beth. But Beth just got promoted to the list of characters I care about. I rooting for her big time, now because to me her and Sansa Stark have become the same character but in different universes. I couldn’t stand Sansa either, I could give a good gotdamn about her being a teenager. At the end of last seasons DemThrones when she lied for Little Finger it was the first time that we saw the proverbial light turn on over her head. Same thing happened with Beth this last episode. In both cases, it’s kind of like watching sleeping giants wake up.

    I also have to give a quick shout out to Justin. My introduction to him was on the very first TBGWT podcast I listened to, which was him advocating how delicious breast milk is. I thought maybe he had a mild form of tourette’s syndrome (ain’t that the disease where people shout out whatever it is they are thinking at the time.) But between all of the provocative things that he says, whenever you are able to get him to address a serious topic, he knocks it out of the park consistently. The epiphanies he made when y’all were talking about Don Lemmon & Van Jones were excellent. If he’s gonna be bringing wisdom like that, maybe he should slob down titty juice more often.

  2. Chris from Hawaii

    Great show! I’ve listened to several other podcasts/fans comment on this episode and am surprised by how many people didn’t like it; throw shade on Beth; and think this was a throw-away episode. I was riveted to the screen that place was so creepy. If all you want is a zombie killathon every week, go watch Z Nation. If you want a top notch drama then keep tuning in to TWD.

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