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818: Mid-Term Abortion


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Rod and Karen discuss the mid-term election results, Artie Lange has some controversial tweets, woman abducted in Philly is found in Baltimore, Ma$e performs for a crowd of hundreds, Young Berg hits Masika, Mama June, Daniel Holtzclaw, woman appreciates small penises, a girl dreams of being a spree killer, anti-Muslim parents, Shanesha Taylor, lawsuit by sexual assault victim, football hazing, filming the cops, craigslist black friends, eating DWI evidence, Star Wars pedo and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    Obama is on the ballot in 2008, democrats win a supermajority in the Senate.

    Obama isn’t on the ballot in 2010 and democrats run away from him and Obamacare, republicans take the House.

    Obama on the ballot in 2012, democrats win back seats in the Senate, including republican states like Indiana, North Dakota and Montana.

    Obama isn’t on the ballot in 2014 and democrats run away from him, Republicans take the Senate. The Democrats are the only ones too dumb to notice the pattern.

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