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821: P.O.P. Hold It Dine!


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Rod and Karen discuss gym sickness, sexual fantasies, church discussing gays, #cosbymeme, Dennis Rodman, students remains found, MS prison scandal, Chick Fila sign, black out protesters, c-spann caller, Piers Morgan on the n-word, school shooting hoax, drunk hugger, stabbing over dog feces and sword ratchetness.

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  1. da_ticklah

    I knew that video was gonna be dat fiya the second I read COGIC. That poor lil gay man needs to go find some real friends that accept him as he is. The COGIC Church used to hold Holy Convocation in Memphis for years and that shit was a parade of religious extravagance. Big hats and Steve Harvey suits as far as the eye could see.

    While returning to Memphis from a work trip I saw a COGIC bound lady break down into tears in the airport when she found out her hat box was to big and would have to be considered checked baggage. Nigga I’ve seen less tears at a funeral, it took everything in me to not bust out into laughter at her plight.

  2. chefboyardu

    Between the “I’m legally blind” video, my man who was “delivert,” and the zygote-semen lah-TAY flavoring, I’ve almost peed myself more than I care to admit. Great shows this week!

  3. soundztastee

    The “no more mens” video got me through this week, it’s a sin how many times I went back and played the youtube video and replayed those segments on this week’s shows. Thanks for another great week of shows!

  4. Roshistarpupil

    612 Wharf Ave? That’s next to Melon Shakers, the gentlemen club.

  5. Cappadonna

    Man, that Gay Dude running around COGIC talk about how “Straight” he is made my heart break and laugh to the point of nearly urinating at the same time.

    One, let’s assume that you can reject psychology and think that gay people can be “delivered” – they turned this young kid’s crisis in faith and sexuality into a spectacle.

    Two, the Pope is cool with Gay people, I think that we can stop harping on this nonsense now in the Black church.

    Three, the irony is that this dude is dress like Derek J on RHOA, prancing & dancing with a bunch of sweaty guys touching him is not lost on me.

    • Cappadonna

      BTW – too many of friends struggled to come out of the closet and reconcile their sexuality & faith for this not to thoroughly annoy me. Three years ago, my boy from college was in coming out to me – even though my wife figured it out after 10 minutes with him. My wife’s girlfriend was in the closet for after knowing her for 15 years.

      And of course, this is at the COGIC church where women still can’t wear pants in the sanctuary.

      Another reason why mainline churches are dying — most people under 40 don’t have time for homophobia and don’t want to raise their kids in an environment of bigotry.

      Anyway, keep the faith Rod and Karen (even though you’re not religious).

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