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822: No More Mens


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kris and Justin to discuss The Walking Dead aka #DeyWalking, also we discuss the remix of the church video, Whoopi, Amanda, Puppet gagging order, handcuff suicide, teacher twitter rant, chicken for sex, subway thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    What up Karen, Rod, and Justin,

    I’ve liked the Beth and Abraham episodes but I am kinda ready to see what Rick n em are up to since the group split up. I did want to ask yall though, do you think Eugene is ok? I ask because (like Rod said) dude took a UFC hit before his head slammed on the asphalt. That seems like the kind of hit that needs medical attention…and they are no where near Beth and Grady Hospital.

    Great show and its been fun as hell watching you guys live tweet on #DeyWalking

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