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MT 26: Jemele Hill


Rod talks with co-host of Numbers Never Lie and His and Hers Podcast, sports journalist and international Twitter Bae, Jemele Hill about being on Sports Reporters, growing up in Detroit, navigating social media and exactly where do the black people on ESPN get their hair care in Bristol?

Jemele’s Twitter

BET Presents "BALLERS" - May 24, 2007


  1. Selester63

    Great interview with Ms Hill, I’ve been following her on ESPN for awhile and I’m a big fan of her work.

  2. PrinceLeron

    This was so good. It seemed that she was a little more professional at first and then relaxed because of your style of interview. There were a few times when I thought you or her was about to say nigga. Your questions lead to some interesting stories that I have heard from her before. And the one with Mike’s barber was good.

  3. nell210s

    In my Karen voice, YYYAAASSSS it has finally been posted!! I really enjoyed this conversation between you and Ms. Hill. It was so great it really didn’t seem like an interview. You did an awesome job as always.

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