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823: Lah-Tay


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Rod and Karen are joined by Morgan P Campbell to discuss Sportonomics, Chili Frito Pizza, celebration, Kim K, Nikki Minaj apologizes but her video director doesn’t, COGICGATE, Starbucks semen, hospital killing, racist graffiti, pick up murderer, 911 harasser, box cutter lady, tantrum mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I spent 2.5 years researching mammalian fertilization. When that nigga said “zygote” I almost jumped out the damn window. He used the term wrong as fuck. A zygote is the fertilized egg before it undergoes any cell division. The reason I was so mad is because most people don’t know this and it made him sound slightly knowledgable. Naw son. I just need everyone to know that he was incorrect at every turn during his speech.

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