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BDS 77: It’s Crazy To Me Too


Rod and Justin discuss listener emails, Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech, the NFL, Steve Nash, Dion Waiters and the national anthem, Aldon Smith, Vanessa Mae, NFLPA, Kevin Love, KG, Patriots Twitter, NASCAR, Dez Bryant, Michele Roberts, Joakin Noah defends D Rose, Joe Johnson, Brandon Marshal, Ray McDonald, UNC, Mr. Grant and this week in Mamba.


  1. PrinceLeron

    I wish I had the Cam’ron ‘You Mad” gif for our man TimPimpin. God damn, he must have been mad for whole time y’all discussed the speech. Cheese-eyes stans are the worst.


    People need to stop hating on Jordan’s speech as petty, arrogant and selfish and need to listen to it from a competitor’s point of view. Although he did not give a traditional hall of fame speech: “I’m wanna thank this thank that thank god …. blah blah blah”, he did mention thanks all of the people who have helped him get to this point but it was done in a subtle way. People may think that he needs to grow up and let go of grudges from the past but MJ has indeed done so. The major purpose of him bringing back all these grudges against naysayers or adversities he had to go through from the past is because he’s trying to explain what got him to become Michael Jordan the legend today. All of the logs throughout the years added to his fire as the ultimate competitor chowed down every single opponent who has stood in his way. We grew up watching MJ in the media as kids and thought of him as a role model and fine citizen great human being; as we grew up to adults we realized Jordan’s true nature as a person as that he is the ultimate competitor and often his ways rub people off the wrong way as the ultimate ass. The fact is Jordan wouldn’t be Jordan without being who he is and people need to let go of the fairy tale hero and realize that in this cruel world to win you have to be the ultimate badass not necessarily the ultimate people’s champion. Jordan’s corporate image was the ultimate people’s champion, but his true identity as a person and a basketball player was the ultimate badass and assassin. That was the purpose of his hall of fame speech.

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