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828: CosbyGate

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jess Wood and Josh Homer of The Ratchet Hatchet Podcast to discuss Bill Cosby, Ferguson gun sales, gay waiter, drunk girl hoax actress, strippers win suit, Gordon Ramsey, Dave and Busters tweet, War Machine, Julien Blanc, Jerry Seinfeld, gay panic, C.O. abuses power, shoplifting with HIV and sword ratchetness.

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  1. williamj

    I think another reason that cosbygate has more traction this time around is that bill Crosby is old. Not only is he old, he looks older than his advanced age and he is less valuable as far as society is concerned. I believe most of the stories; however, I do think that some embellishments occurring. This was big news years ago around the time of the reported settlement but along with the reasons you listed he was younger and more appealing; so, he was given more of a benefit of doubt. It is sad but dude has a ton of money and many supporters. G

  2. Brian

    What up Rod and Karen, another great week as always. I know someone referenced Kanye about this story but I think the second verse on Trick Daddy’s America fits a little better. But seriously the nerve of this ole Carlton Banks ass nigga to seriously think that money can shield you from racism is absurd. The only way you can protect your kids from this bullshit is to educate them that it exists. You do more harm than good shielding them from this sickness, which it is. This is almost like that argument about black people who don’t give their kids “the talk”.

    Anyway y’all have a great weekend and another week of great shows.

    Oh I forgot Rod that slavery analogy was so damn spot on I let out a loud Karen yaaasss! Then damn near had an accident driving by Wakonda, Nebraska…yes nigga there is a Wakanda in got damn Nebraska! Ok I’m out

    Brian P

  3. Anonymous

    A woman I went to college with works with celebrities from time to time and recently posted a pic of her and Bill on Instagram. She wrote a caption basically saying how she didn’t believe that he could have assaulted anyone because he was so kind to her when they worked together. I think we, as a society, have this view of a rapist as actively being an asshole or trying to rape every single person that they encounter at all times. I think if this were the case, no one would ever be raped because we would just stay away from those people. The truth is more complicated. “Nice” people can be dangerous, too; the two are not mutually exclusive. Her sharing her experience, along with others who only know him as Dr. Huxtable yet still ride for him, just underscores how he was able to get away with this behavior for years and the women stayed somewhat silent for decades: no one believes them, just as he said no one would believe them. It’s so scary to me that people will ride so hard for someone they absolutely do not know in the face of an obscene amount of evidence.

    On another note, I’m mad Bill is out here messing with people’s money. I think the cast of The Cosby Show and the cast of Seventh Heaven would figure out a way to digitally remove him and Steven Collins from their respective shows so they can still get those checks. I’m sure Lisa Bonet has some loans from Hillman that she still needs to pay off.

  4. Kyle

    Cosby Gate has gotten so big my family members are talking about it now. And as you can imagine, they believe the whole thing is some sort of conspiracy designed to take down Cosby. Which drives me crazy because it makes no sense. Do we even have an actual example of powerful men being taken down by fake rape allegations?

    Plus, whats the difference between how Cosby supporters are acting in comparison to those of Eddie long and Penn State. I mean, those victims took a long time to come forward as well. I still love my family but god damn.

    As for what happen with War Machine, I’m convinced that a lot of domestic abusers
    are fucking insane. A recent example being the Artist & Co-Creator of the Popular comic book Rat Queens. Who got kicked off his own comic for beating his ex-wife!
    Now for those of you who don’t know, the studio who did the special effects for AVATAR and Lord of the rings is trying to turn the comic into a cartoon.

    On a pure selfish level, what dude did made no fucking sense.

  5. AJtheEngineer

    Great show once again Karen and Rodney, and the chat room was enlightening and ratchet as usual.

    As a person of color at this point in time in human history, I think you can have numerous academic degrees but if you or your offspring doesn’t know about a little about racism I really don’t think you’re all that smart. The father should get a 100 for fucking with a black person, his son. How is Pops going to experience racism himself as a child, but doesn’t to discuss this with his kids when he’s their father? I grew up in white suburbs my whole life and my parents (mainly my dad) explained predujice and racism to me in little bits. It made me more aware of my surroundings and allowed me to really understand all the small things white people sometimes say around you. I feel bad for the kid for having to experience that, but his dad should’ve prepared him. And that list of “rules”….yea I’m sure most of us have heard that when growing up, but how come Pops didn’t mention anything to his son about WHY things are the way they are? It seems like his son will always be wondering what he can do to not ever experience racism again, but we all know that’s impossible.

    Yall have a great weekend,

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