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BDS 78: The Malice At The Palace


Rod and Justin and Karen later on discuss a comment from a Jordan fan, the highest paid announcer, Canseco sells a finger, Dwight Howard abuse case, Merling, Nash, Peterson, Football toss, Blount quits, Jameis, Lambo, 76ers, NBA PA, fired on air, Niagara College, Lebron, Whitlock’s newest writer, Cam hacked on Twitter, Bengals, Malice at the palace and this week in Mamba.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    The Malice at the Palace is my favorite sports memories of all time.

    Firstly, The Pistons and Pacers were the best teams in the east. The Pistons beat them in the ECF in the year before. The secured that last game with that Tayshaun Prince block on Reggie Miller. So the game was important.

    When Ron Ron jumped into the stands I went berserk. I had my mouth open the whole damn time. I couldn’t get in touch with any of my homeboys to tell them to watch. But back in the day, espn used to re-air the first game of the night at about 2 a.m. I stayed up and turned to the game at the fourth quarter. I went and woke my brother up so we could watch it together. And the second showing was better because they had more camera angles.

    Lastly, here’s a fun fact. The fat guy in gray the was dragging Fred Jones was Ben Wallace’s brother.

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