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836: The Cosby Mysteries


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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, Ferguson, Girl Scout Cookies go online, GOP lady gets fired, Game reviewer rats trolls out to their mothers, Prince dips, Hot Tub sex machine, old man gets robbed by twins, sexting an elementary student and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Just to let you guys know, that after the St. Louis Police Officers Association condemned the Rams players, Deadspin dug up some dirt. It turns out that their business manager Jeff Roorda, was fired from the police force because he was lying on reports and falsely accused other officers of abusing him. He also doesn’t like the idea of dash cams and body cameras, was behind one of the fundraisers for Darren Wilson. And on top of all that, he is in the Missouri House of Representatives.

    Corruption? whats that?

    Oh, and that GOP lady who got fired? She may have went to the same college as my sister, small world huh? Anyway, they found this picture of her…


    East Carolina baby!

  2. AJtheEngineer

    I know there’s no such thing as Black Twitter, but damn I love black folks on Twitter. I read that Elizabeth Lauten apology before reading the initial post. I thought the apology sounded nice but when I read the original post….bitch please. We all know that kids are off limits in most political media, but this lady said that the parents, President and First Lady Obama, aren’t good role models? If this lady was around writing during the Bush years, would she write anything about those daughters? Also, I understand this does not relate to Ferguson….but she chose to write this post after the decision, she stupid? I was happy as hell when Lauten’s criminal records were brought up in addition to her being dragged around social media. How the fuck are you gonna tell other people how they should behave when you’re not even 15 years removed from your wild teen years? If any of my friends ever ask me what white priviledge is, I’m going to show them this news story.

  3. madscientist7

    i’ve been arguing all morning about bill cosby on groupme and i really want to link this episode into the groupme chat.

    apparently because these women settled out of court they are guilty. and if they were really raped then why didn’t they scream out for help. i’m doing my best to try to educate some of my frat (same as bill cosby) but i had to tell some of them about themselves. being a victim blamer and rape apologist isn’t cool.

    it seems like there are fuckboys all around including faizon love and his 3 necks who can look at all these allegations and say what about Bill? what’s more likely 20+ women conspiring to bring down a man 30 years later or bill cosby being Rapey McRapeington? kudos to TBGWT for having real perspective.

    @BrazenlyVirile (twitter)

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