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837: RIP Beth Tubman


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Dey Walking, The Cosby Show, Ferguson, women with male friends, Nazi Social Security, Chickadee, 50 Cent, Jeremih, Street Harassment death, Black Dynamite music, Ferguson, Stunning crime, incest pedo, failed kidnapping and sword ratchetness.

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    It’s been a while since I had a chance to comment. It’s been hectic in these Apple streets! Miss the chatroom! Shoutout to them!! But I religiously listen to the previous day’s show the following day. Love you guys! Still a premium member! LOVE THAT GOOD PREMIUM GOODNESS! I need something to fill the void that Jello pudding pops used to fill. O_O Now they are just Cosby d**ks. He made a lot of people out there suck his d**k. A WHOLE LOT!!! I’m ok. I’ll be ok…….

    Regarding the “evidence that exonerates Wilson” – 9 of 12 jurors had to agree on the charges to indict for Darren Wilson so 75% of the jurors have to agree. It’s a supermajority! Anyone who says (Joe Scarborough) that those facts are proven is willfully deceitful. 16 of 29 witnesses said he had his hands up and 11 of them couldn’t say either way. So out of 18 witnesses that testified either yes or no to whether Mike Brown had his hands up; 16 said yes. Darren Wilson was not asked whether he had his hands up. So Joe is full of it to say it’s a lie. He knows it.

    Darren Wilson testified that Michael Brown grabbed his gun and wrenched it back towards his thigh. His gun was never tested for fingerprints. The wound to Michael Brown’s hand showed his hand was near the gun….not on it. My question would be – If you pulled your gun on Michael Brown first and he went to stop you and you shot him in the hand, could that be why there is gun residue in the wound on his hand and blood in the car? This wasn’t asked because the prosecutors didn’t want to ask. But we know what happened and the grand jury proved that? Nah bruh.

    Anyway, you guys be easy. I will try to catch you live as much as I can. You guys are awesome!

  2. bburke33609

    Man I been looking and looking and I can’t find any of those songs from the soundtrack of Black Dynamite! You got to post that somewhere. I would buy that shit in a minute

  3. Aggie Nick

    First of all, love the show, even #DeyWalking and I don’t even watch The Walking Dead but plan to binge watch in my free time over the next month.

    I know it was ‘Ferguson Black People’ but I did not expect to be as fucked with as I was listening to that ignorant as news correspondent discussing the Rams! What an idiot! “These players?” he might as said these niggers have no respect for the white mans police! Claiming that it is a known lie that Brown was not shot with his hands up, come on man, who puts these people on TV?? The most upsetting part is that millions of people are watching and agreeing with his ignorant ass.

    Still trying to figure out just what the hell Pharrell has be talking about since his Oprah interview. I have lost so much respect for Charles Barkley, his dumb ass can barely pronounce English words and has the nerve to judge the intelligence of a race that he is a part of. Rod, I agree with you that these celebrities and their personal lives and beliefs should be separate from their professional lives. Will always respect his game but I do not think I can look at him the same as an analyst.

    P.S. I remember reading or hearing somewhere earlier this year that prison rape is actually very common. I’ll never forget because ever since I heard this I’ve looked at the many acquaintances/social media ‘friends’ I know who have been locked up very differently. Basically, giving them the “yeah, you got raped” nod.

    Hope this wasn’t too long.


  4. Shawdae

    Where can I find this wonderful Black Dynamite Music??!! I NEED IT!!!!

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