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838: Semen Cookies


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Rod and Karen discuss dead black people, J Cole’s new track, Hersheys, Ariana’s stalker, Semen cookies, Sony hacked, Obamacare, Facebook threats, milk ads, Booby Trap, Kholserbator, McChicken DV, pay role and sword ratchetness.
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  1. Dee

    I cannot get enough of this show! When Rod asked the guys in the chat room if they would eat semen cookies for 1 mil and that one guy in the chat tried to make the circumstances more plausible by asking “would my homeboys find out?” I died! One because Rod was like “yeah, that means you would do it.” and also because it reminded me of one of those Family Guy moments where Peter would ask something like “Would you rather be a homeless, crazy war vet or a handicapped Hitler?” Regarding the Eric Garner issue, I want to say I saw this coming, once Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted I lost all hope for any other cases going on. Hate to give up hope so quickly but seems like for now these cops are just gonna do what they want.. Love you guys love the show. Peace love and sushi.

  2. Tunde

    1. It cracks me up how much Karen hates on J Cole. As my favorite current rapper I’m just amused at the stark contrast in how we view him. I actually posted an article link of the song from Complex on FB and ended up getting into an argument with woman who apparently stans for Eminem. I had to school her real quick tho.

    2. Semen cookies?!!?!? What kinda nasty motherfuckers are y’all? … Naw I can’t even say I wouldn’t do it if the opportunity presented itself for a milly? But if “ifs” were a fifth we’d all be drunk.

    3. As far as the non-indictment of Eric Garner’s murder it just shows America and the world just how little this country values black life. With Trayvon they asked for eyewitnesses, with Mike they said the witnesses weren’t credible if only we had video evidence, with Eric… oh well we never liked y’all black asses anyway.

  3. HC

    True story: I worked with a district attorney’s office one year. Got the opportunity to sit in on a grand jury session. The DA wasn’t getting the indictments as quickly as he wanted. So after lunch, he brought in a detective who put on a horrifying presentation on how gangs (black and brown specifically) were infiltrating our middle and high schools. Niggaaaa….those terrified housewives on the grand jury were cranking out indictments left and right after that. Which is to say, the DA has so much control over getting indictments beyond what we know. Grand juries only determine if there’s enough evidence to go to trial, not whether someone is innocent or guilty. With that as a backdrop, the whole drawn out process, and particularly the Ferguson press conference, was a big slap in the face.

  4. Afrodiva

    I’m surprised that people are surprised about these non-indictments. I knew from the very beginning that this would be the outcome. In the case of Mike Brown, they started the cover-up and misinformation immediately. They clearly never had any intention of arresting Darren Wilson and made sure it would never happen. As much as I admire the protesters, I knew they were protesting in vain. Which makes what they went through that much sadder.

    As far as Eric Garner, here in New York that is just the status quo. In case after case, either the cops are not charged, or if they do have a trial, they are never convicted. They commit their murders in the Black community and their trials are moved to another jurisdiction where they have an all White jury and they are acquitted.

    I’m past the point where I can be placated by some farce of a trial that will never result in punishment for these murderers. There is no justice in the justice system when the police murder Black victims. Until we get laws on the books mandating punishment for these crimes, the police will continue to execute us as they please because they know they won’t ever have to spend a day in jail.

    I’m equally full of rage and sorrow and it all just seems so hopeless.

  5. LisaLV711

    I have to agree with Rod when he said the overt shootings of Black men and boys, I feel are a result of the election of President Obama. To this day, certain segments of the population still aren’t convinced he is a U.S. citizen. (They have yet to realize Hawaii is the 50th state) So as long as they feel they can disrespect the President of the United States, they feel they can disrespect any and all Black people, especially our Black men.

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