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839: F*ck You!


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    Everything that is going on makes it so that I won’t converse with anyone whose passion isn’t at least a level five. This is not a joke nor game to me so I will not converse with people that are just out for a debate. It reminds me about what Rod said about the CNN anchors that bring on two people to argue and they just sit in the middle and smile, fuck that. Also, no coversations about looting until it happens again. Lastly, The one thing that I have been focusing on is putting these heavily anti-Obama niggas in their place. I’ve been pointing out that the people they support have either been silent or just talked about the looters. I especially have been stomping on those that were supporting Ben Carson.

  2. Freezer

    I managed not to get my blood pressure up as you guys were discussing Eric Garner and Ferguson until you name dropped OJ Simpson. You can imagine how many screams I’ve had to muffle every time I’ve come across some jackass posting “You didn’t see white people rioting over OJ, right?

    At least until I started replying to said jackasses “So you’re admitting Darren Wilson got away with murder? Why else would you bring up OJ?” Feel free to steal that one.

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