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840: Dollar Tree Christmas


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Rod and Karen are joined by Clove and Sherley of the Chonilla Dot Com Podcast to discuss holidays, the Dollar Store, The Cosby Show, Obama throat sore, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Brown, stinky plane, no Christmas for kids, pee break pregnancy, Lil Wayne is trapped on Cash Money, Frat Bro racism, dead elk, sunbathing next to church, get in the pool, street harassing guy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kiki (@ladyyybrown)

    Shoutout to y’all for the Dollar Tree Christmas hookup! Not only was this one of my favorite episodes in a long time, but y’all helped me save money. I was making a care package for my deployed boyfriend and running out of gift bows, then Rod started talking about going in on some $1 decorations. Dropped my friend off at work, told her I didn’t need her to buy bows anymore, got some for a dollar, AND some things I needed but didn’t know where to get. (That same friend loves the Guess the Race segment, btw.) But before I ramble too far, I just wanted to say thanks for putting out a quality show that keeps my week fun and updates me on news at the same time. I found y’all through Cerrome, and him through The Read, now it looks like the cycle continues because Sherley and Clove kept me laughing so my podcasts might have to get international now.

  2. Kyle

    So is the GTA video game series based on Mark Wahlberg? Not only was dude an actual drug dealer, he was also racist as shit! The best part of this story are the people who act like Wahlberg spent 20 years in jail when he only spent a couple of months in. Dude really is an impossible white man.

    I also want to ask two questions in regards to this recent Chris Brown drama. With the first question being about Karrueche. When folks were cracking jokes about her name a few Asian people on twitter got really upset, and claimed that the black people making fun of Karrueche’s name were being hypocrites because some black people don’t like it when white people make fun of black names. What do you guys think of that argument? Because as a black person I am not really offended every time a black persons name gets made fun of. Still, I’m not asian either.

    The second is why do people still find this guy attractive?


  3. Miss Krysable

    Heyyy Clerely and the tomorrow babies peace and maple syrup to you! Yes I’m so going to just buy my son’s clothes on the day after Christmas, but then that would ruin Boxing Day for him, but we’re American so it doesn’t really matter!

    Rod you aint never lied when you talked about splurging dollar-iare style at the dollar store for EVERYTHING!! I was just thinking this year I want to have a blue christmas and since I’m dollar store fancy was going to splurge on blue ornaments and other Christmas accessories.

    Close to me there is a Deal$ I call them the 5 dollar store I think they’re owned by Dollar Tree. And then there is the old reliable mom and punjabi pop dollar store. I always end up going to both because the mom and pop one is smaller but still on point. People mistaken they’re fake febreeze for something fancy. I come in there like I need black and gold glittered kite string and they bring me right to them! They are AWESOMENESS!!!! OH OH and there is the Tar-jay of bargain stores….THE CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPE!!!

    Oh and pray for me yall I’m taking my poor brainwashed nephew and niece to the march in NYC tomorrow after my nieces audition…I’m so perturbed with the whole situation that I can’t even go into it. Lets just say I’m all worried about my nephew’s welfare and he’s wearing Don Lemon colored glasses. S.M.H.

    Ok I think I’m done

    Miss Krysable

  4. AJtheEngineer

    It got to the point during “fucking with black people” where I just started laughing, because that’s all you can do sometimes. The fact that the DA said “integrity of public service” and convicted a guy for shooting an elk? And did you hear how in awe of the elk they are? Calling it “majestic” and shit like an elk won’t stab you with his horns with the quickness. A fucking elk. Of course I did the unthinkable and read the comments section to this article…most folks don’t think this case relates to anything the Mike Brown or Eric Garner protests are about. A fucking elk.

    Yall have a great weekend, Clove and Sherley were great guests.

  5. mirahnirvana

    I love the R&B Nice Guy/Robber sing off! I don’t know if this is the way to nominate this part but it was around 2:34:03-2:34:53. 🙂

  6. Cali Life (@Clovasaurus)

    Always a good time to hang out with some good friends! Rod and Karen always make us feel welcome, and the convo’s always feel like they could go on twice as long. Merry Dollar Tree Everyone of us! Luv you guys!

  7. Animaine_Sparkster

    I was just thinking the other day about how Clove and Shirley are overdue for an appearance on the show, and just like the magical wish granting fairies y’all are you delivered without fail! It’s always a treat and a half when all four of y’all are in the same place. I’m all for the Dynamic Duo from the Great White North. Bouta hop over to Chonilla.com cuz I needz moar.

    Sidenote: When Karen called Karrueche Tran “Kakarrot” I damn near died in my seat. I’ve been calling her Karrueche “Chan” like she’s an anime character or something.

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