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SMR 47: Interstellar

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Rod is joined by Kriss (from Movie Trailer Reviews) to discuss Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

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    At first, I wasn’t so sure that Interstellar was going to be among my favorite Nolan movies, let alone best of 2014. Well, 3 viewings later (2 on IMAX, 1 on digital), was I in for one of the greatest movie experiences of all-time. Not only is Interstellar engrossing and deep, it’s also emotional at times.

    For example, scenes involving young and elder Murphy Cooper had me gasping or balling like a child because those moments had such stakes that had such huge stakes for herself and her father dealing with time and separation. Those scenes hit me so hard I still don’t know how I was overcome with such sorrow.

    Nolan is a reminder that, you can promote a film without spilling the beans about every detail being leaked to fans or the press, and I think people who do that, unfortunately, rob themselves of an experience that can be everlasting. Also, the 3 hour length wasn’t a hindrance for me, due to the fact that Christopher is able to allow a movie to flow without it becoming bogged down by bad scenes, dialogue or direction. His movies are so good, not even length can be considered to be an excuse as a flaw anymore. People will be mad that he doesn’t cut some time from his movies; then again, these are the same people who were mad about “plot holes” in The Dark Knight Rises.

    In a year that has featured great movies, such as, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man 2 (haters hate that film, but fuck ’em, I loved it), Gone Girl and The Raid 2, they can’t hold a candle to Interstellar.

    And, if I had to rank Nolan’s movies of all-time:

    3)The Dark Knight
    4)The Dark Knight Rises
    5)Batman Begins

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