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846: Don’t Jerk And Drive


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Rhett Thompson of the Blackanese Chick Podcast to discuss church, feminism, The Cosby Show, Mama June porn, Wiz sex tape, AKA’s revese course, Don’t Jerk and Drive, dry sex, divorce equality, Ira Hansen, Doug Gotlieb, N-word receipt, kid choker, naked stroll, Lowes child porn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Blackguyonmars

    Ep: 846- Let me just say that Rhett brings so much to the podcast as a guest. She speaks intelligently on any subject with a wit that brings a constant smile to the listener’s face. In regards to the church discussion, I too attend a big white mega-church, complete with a Starbucks in the lobby and their own audio-visual production staff. They be making movies for their sermons, okay. I grew up in a small Baptist church in Mississippi and I HATED going to church. I don’t want my kids to hate going to church and the kids program at this church I attend is phenomenal. I do feel like they are missing out on a lot of the “black experience” that I lived through, but their childhood is much different from mine; it’s a different time. I would rather they develop a relationship with God and associate their time in church with a good learning experience.
    I don’t mind getting in and out of church promptly either. Cause I got things to do.

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