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847: Sororiety Sisters


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss The Cosby Show, Taliban kills over 100 kids, Sydney terrorism, teen investing, fired for threatening cops, sorority sisters, DJ Awesome, poo flinger, cross bow killer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Tunde

    as a member of a black fraternity (Omega) i think this show is fucked up. i understand the outrage by other members of their sorority. i’ve see people say that if you watch love and hip hop or basketball wives you can’t get mad at this show. i beg to differ. those people are promoting themselves. this show is not about women promoting themselves but putting on a sorority that didn’t sanction this. if it weren’t for their affiliation no one would care about them. but then again i don’t care because i don’t like any of the shows of the same ilk.

    as far as you and justin buying omega shirts and committing crimes i laughed even though i was shaking my head while listening as i’ve had confrontations with cats who perped my frat.

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