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848: This Interview Is Over


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Rod and Karen are joined by Sterling of The Gaming And Then Some Podcast to discuss how he started his podcast, falling on hard times, his gaming relationship with his wife, The Cosby Show, Cuba cool now, Eric Holder, The Obamas, Hillary, Ask A Cop CNN special, Bobby Schmurda arrested, Nikki and Kendrick, Sony leak, The Interview is canceled, Duck Tape Bandit, Butt Grabber, child porn mom, Creamer sisters and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    I only feel sorry for the Sony employees whose information was put out there for people to steal. Especially since it seemed like they had to work in a shitty environment. I mean, a black woman was being chased around the office like an episode of Madmen. Unfortunately, it seems like people care more about that stupid movie than the mistreat going on at Sony. I would hate to see how these folks would react if the kids in those sweet shops decided to stop making apple products.

    As for CNN, I don’t really understand why experts keep going on CNN, because either they’re forced to engage in an argument or get talked over. Still, its not as bad as people going on Fox News which is basically a channel for made for propaganda. MLK’s son just went on Bill O Riley, and not only did he get ran the fuck over, he conceded some bullshit talking points to get Bill to shut up and let him talk. Bruh, Cam’ron and Stephen Colbert handled Bill better than MLK’s son!

  2. Ed

    Hey Rod and karen,

    Great show as per usual. I just wanted to chime in on the Sony article. I came with to some other ideas. Either this was the biggest P.R. stunt to get some free press for a mediocre film or they are so scared of losing some of that China money (since China and N.K.t are still tight)they backed the fuck down. Cuz lets be real the movie industry could give a shit about free speech when there is a dollar to be had.

    As for the hacks did anyone ask “hey Sony how many I.T. dudes do you got in this bitch?” cuz there is no way some hacker should just be able to walk up in their data base like that. I bet they are just like any other corporation and say “I.T. ? Upgrades? This costs how much? Fuck that!” Security is the last things on these on a big companies mind, as long as the machine is running the “small parts” of the business do not matter.

    Lastly my nominee for fucking with black people: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/cleveland-police-union-head-tamir-rice-shirt-pathetic.

    Happy Holidays

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