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854: Groupie Tails


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Rod and Karen discuss the Cosby Show, North Korea gets racist, I can’t breathe shirts at HS basketball tournament, NYPD turn their backs on the people, another police shooting, pistol therapy, new shoes are out, alcohol at work can help, parents forced into paying for college, Future groupie tale, pigs for the pigs, shoes stolen from 11 year old, McDouble homicide charge, shooting over Christmas present, McDonald’s ladies man and sword ratchetness.
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  1. Kyle

    I believe that young lady when she said that she had sex with Future. Why? Because her ass said he kissed her on the forehead instead of the lips, and she also said she had to bounce as soon as they were done.

    As for the story about that college student and her parents, I somewhat agree with what Prince Leron said. As with most necessitates, education and money don’t seem to mix very well. Still, I don’t really know the solution to this problem. The problem being the way people are so resistant to any type of change. I mean, people were going crazy over healthcare reform. I hate to see how this country reacts to any real reform to education .

  2. NuclearWynter

    Baller Alert is the journalism America (specifically me) needs right now. That story about Future was so good. Every story feeds my black a$$ ratchet soul. Maybe I can find myself a baller just long enough to pay off Sallie Mae, may have to work on my skills sucking the soul out them thangs though.

    We need much stronger Anti-poop throwing and smearing laws. If you smear poop on someone, that’s right up there with water-boarding man. Only a terrorist could do that.

    Great year, great guests and great commentary!! Congrats to both of you on another successful year of TBGWT and here is hoping for many many more.

  3. PrinceLeron

    Chile Grapes to the parents being forced to pay their daughters tuition. The father made the story public hoping to gain favor and get his daughter labels as a brat. That’s cool, but he and his ex-wife also have to wear the badge of being bad parents. Also it was very messy of him to involve the press and we don’t even know what types of parents they are. And that is not the same girl from before, she loss her case and moved back in with her parents.

    The most interesting element of this story is the emotions that these stories bring out of people. Mostly being the insecurity of parents not being able to provide the best their child as it pertains to education. I know it’s a hard thing to admit and it’s not their fault because the system is completely broken. Kids that attend private elementary schools have a greater chance of success than kids that attend public schools. So fresh out the gate parents with money are able to give their kids an advantage. The same thing applies to students that do not pay for their college education.

    This is were the insecurity I stated before comes in the picture. We start to attach ideas and stereotypes to those parents and students that really are not true. For example, people say “those parents are just paying for a four-year party.” It is compiled by the idea that students that are paying for college take full advantage of more opportunities and fulfilled their full potential in college. All of those generalizations are false. It’s fucked up that the system is rigged in favor to those with the income to spare.

    This is just one example of the barriers that stand between a person being able to enjoy a happy and successful life. If I had the money to remove this barrier for my child, I wouldn’t hesitate. I think the question of if parent’s are obligated to pay for your child’s college is irrelevant. I believe that the goal of parenting is to do the best you can do and provide what you can to ensure the best for your child. If you have the finances to help and you don’t, you are purposely making a decision that will probably negatively affect your child for so many years. If you don’t got, then you don’t got it. There is no need to be ashamed of that because most people don’t got it these day.

    Sorry for the long-ass post but the way money has corrupted every system in America is one of my passions.

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