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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, NYPD, Race relations, Facebook apologizes, Madonna disses no one, The Interview box office, DMs for Christmas, Dancers get settlement, Mike Grimm, Setphen Collins apologizes, Exodus in Egypt, art thieves, pitt bull death, boo boo bandit, ax murder, Christmas decoration thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Debutante24

    I got hit by the Facebook “Your Year in Review” post. It included a picture of my son who died shortly after his birth last September. But we became pregnant again and now I’m having the best holiday season with paid maternity leave with our daughter, Maxine. *I admit only to you guys that I got the name from the character on Living Single*
    Anyway, while it was fortunate that my “Year in Review” ended happy and blessed and I dismissed it as a non-intentional incident *it felt good to see my little man included with his little sister*, the other mothers in my infant loss support group on Facebook were highly upset and disturbed when they saw pictures of their babies’ birth announcements, urns, and baby bumps decorated with celebratory graphics. I can only hope that they find peace.

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