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857: Obama Apologist


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. HC

    Good thing the customer isn’t always right. The critics would have Karen speaking like the queen of England and sipping high tea, and Rod on screen in a top hat and monocle. Actually, that would be excellent trolling. Anyway, this isn’t a sitcom where you just replace an actor because of audience criticism. Man, if I got on spreecast one evening and saw that Karen was replaced without warning like when they replaced the original Aunt Viv with lightskinned Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince, I’d lead protests all across America. That’s right, oprah, I’D be the protest leader. Just giving fair warning.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    If Rod is an Obama Apologist then what does that make me? I consider myself a history buff and will gladly tell anybody that Obama is the greatest president of the 21st century even though we hadn’t even reached 2025 yet. I get mad when folks (a lot of times black folks) bring up his “broken promises” from his hope and change campaign in 2008 but nobody recalls the round table of republicans hell bent on stopping his policies. Yea, I know we all aren’t “wolf of wall streets” but damn, has anydoby noticed how the US stock market has been booming for the past couple years? Healthcare? Everybody can actually get some now! Those 2 damn wars, they’re both officially done. But folks get mad at him cause he’s “taking freedoms away” or he’s deemed less black cause he didn’t yell at Mitch McConnell today about racism, fuck outta here. Over the course of 2014 I started with support for Hilary, but after her lack of comments on ANYTHING that occurred this summer and fall I really don’t know what democrat deserves my vote next. But people still mad at him for his lack of comments. I’m glad to be alive during Obama’s administration.

    I know this is a long post but I’m still cookin….

    Rod….I know you compliment the TBGWT community for being good to one another, but that nigga talking about Karen ain’t rollin wit me. He can get THE fuck up from round me. I’m still waiting for a mother fucker to actually give constructive criticism to this podcast (even though this podcast is damn near perfect) but it usually is a slam on Karen wrapped up and disguised as “feedback”. How the fuck you gonna compliment Rod and then talk shit about Karen’s accent, I thought we left this shit in 2014?? That dude told on himself, forwarding through audio to only hear a man’s opinion…ok man. And anybody who uses “BET-ish” to describe black podcasts is a dumbass who ain’t looking hard enough. I said almost a year ago I was a KRA (Karen’s Rights Activist) and it looks like I’ll have to wear that hat in 2015 too as long as these fuck boys got keyboards.

    Yall have a good weekend,

  3. da_ticklah

    The winner of the “Meet me in Temecula” drama is all of us, we won the second that dis track hit these internet streets… That shit was so good on it’s own and then it got even better when Mike blessed the track with all that ratchet goodness.

  4. PrinceLeron

    Just one update from the story of the girl from New Jersey, it’s not the same girl. The original girl moved in with with the lawyer and her name is Rachel Canning. It does seems very similar because they are both from NJ.


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