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858: The Serial Killer


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Rod and Karen discuss Stuart Scott passing, Serial, The Cosby Show, ISIS propaganda video, Josaline is suspended, hate crime in GA, Florida courthouse against gay marriage, bad jobs effect mental health, broke bums, puppy slammer, gas station domestic violence, Twitter cop threat and sword ratchetness.
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  1. Tristan.

    My theory has always been that Adnan didn’t go to Jay for “help” he went to Jay to set him up, cuz when all else fails, blame the black guy.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    Sir Rod, I might have to unfriend you on facebook. We became friends a couple days ago and everything was quiet until you made that Serial comment, my notifications BLEW UP. I don’t know if I can be friends with somebody so covtroversial, maybe I should just be friends with Karen and L.Brothers.

    I wanted to ask you two as the King and Queen of podcasting, do you think Serial will cause podcasting to expand? I ask this because a lot of the people who told me to listen to Serial had never heard a podcast before, like they literally never opened the Podcasts app on their iphone. I’ve been listening to podcasts off and on for almost 10 years so I didn’t understand all the fuss about Serial. But I have been trying to tell people who enjoyed Serial they should look up other podcasts that fit their likes. Hopefully more people can begin to enjoy the medium.

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