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863: I Am Not Charlie Hebdo


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Rod and Karen discuss the shocking ending to Selma, Charlie Hebdo fall out, 4th graders plot to murder their teacher, 50 Cent mad at Empire, Obama’s free college plan, cheating in Ethics class, Kendrick Lamar’s respectability comments, Lisa Robertson gets off message, Baller Alert, Professor robs banks, Pastor Jaime, trapped in the closet, sneakers for bail, axe mama and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT
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  1. Mike

    Thank you thank you thank you. I thought I was the only one to understand what freedom of speech actually means. I so sick of hearing people talk about their rights and have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. I bet if you ask people if the phrase “separation of church and state” is in the Constitution almost all of them would say yes it is because Americans don’t actually know what their fucking rights are.

    It is a horrible thing that the magazine was attacked and everyone can agree on that. But the magazine just wanted to be the biggest asshole in the room, they wanted to make the offensive jokes and then say it was just a joke. They knew the reaction they would get from these cartoons. It’s like if some one sticks their arm in a lions cage and the lion rips it off. I have empathy that you lost an arm but my question would be “what fuck did you think was gonna happen?” I have the same question for the magazine. The building was bombed previously for cartoons they printed. If this was a case of purely satirical cartoons taken out of context I might be able to back them but this was all about pissing people off about saying the most offensive thing. If this was American magazine I would agree you have the right to say or print those things but don’t come crying to me when some one over reacts in response. I hate how they are now the symbol of freedom. They are assholes that have right to be assholes that is all they are.

  2. Kate Sherrill MLS (@KateSherrill)

    In regards to the Baller Alert piece…

    It is very important to make sure that you can tell your “Ho Bag” apart from your “Go Bag”. You don’t want to accidentally show up at the zombie apocalypse with the wrong supplies – spare panties and lube aren’t gonna help you kill a walker.

  3. Kyle

    Kendrick Lamar’s comments didn’t really make me mad, but it’s always kind of sad to see a black person who believes in respectability politics. The shit reminds me of women who try to rationalize sexism. In fact, I think some minorities engage in this type of thinking as some sort of defense mechanism. I think it helps some people feel like they have more control over their life than they really do.

    I mean, Kanye respects himself more than anybody I know. And racist shit still happens to him. Anyway, can’t wait for that new Kendrick album.

  4. Gem

    after i got my graduate degree, i vowed to never be a student again – 11yrs of higher educaiton seemed more than enough. BUT Mr. President may have made a liar out of me. if i could get 2 FREE years at a community college, i would strongly consider taking advantage of that. this could be huge for so many people and a real step in the right direction for improving access to higher education for the average American. between this proposal, Cuba, and immigration, President Obama’s has officially told the naysayers to kiss his Black ass. and i’m here for it.

  5. Tunde

    1. i saw selma last night and i also took issue with artistic license. before seeing the show i heard that it was historically inaccurate. i particularly didn’t like john lewis and george wallace having that sword fight on the edmund pettus bridge.

    2. i don’t stand with charlie hebdo and i’m personally tired of hearing about all of this. the bias of media reporting bothers me. 2,000 nigerians killed and minimal coverage but i can’t be too surprised because #alllivesmatter right? that’s genocide but like the NAACP bombing media reports what they want to.

  6. Lovelasting

    I don’t stand with this dude or the paper. They are the same people that thought it a good idea to depict the 200 plus Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram (a terrorist org. In Nigeria ) as “Welfare Queens” not to mention the one you’ve already noted in this episode. Man fuck this dude – That’s what I would have said had I seen these drawings as millions of people had when they were published. Now I just don’t really give a fuck, he was asking for controversy, he was being a rebel in a hostile environment sometimes that causes negative results, given past event one would assume he was aware of how negative those results could be.

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