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866: Nancy Grace Vs 2 Chainz


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Rod and Karen are joined by Chris Lamberth of the Mundane Festival podcast to discuss going on the road, interviewing Phonte, black people in movies, Boko Haram, Kenya vs. Lupita, Mike Epps on Chris Rock, Charlie Hebdo, baseball bat comecian, DMX is not gay, 2 Chainz vs Nancy Grace, Witness 40, police officer not fired, pork chop stabbing, coke kids, mistress on fire and sword ratchetness. Then bonus food talk.

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  1. Toni Campbell

    Listening to you guys talk about black people in movies and tv made the show Parenthood pop in my mind. I don’t watch it, but it may be the only drama on right now that’s about regular people and not heroes, like doctors, lawyers, firemen, police and actual superheroes. It would be refreshing to see a show like that with an all black cast. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime, but it would be cool.

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