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TNO 44: Arrow’s Cliff Hanger


Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss what we’ve been playing, reading and watching. Then we discuss the latest nerd news. Destiny has the most played game on PS4, Hackers on Xmas, He-man Movie no one wants, Evolve let’s you skip grinding on the Xbox One, Avatar pushed back, Xbox One price cut continues, Death by game, X-men Apoc, Hatred and news from Movietrailerreviews.net

Games: Destiny, Bakery Story, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Binding of Isaac, Far Cry 4

TV: Gotham, Arrow, Constantine, Agent Carter

Comics: Secret Warriors, Inhuman, Rat Queens, Saga, Joe The Barbarian, Uber, X-men, Storm, Genius, The Wicked And The Divine, The Names, Federal Bureau of Physics, Cyclops

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  1. O4Soldier

    wassup Karen, Kriss and Rod.. As a fellow addict of Dat Destiny, I gotta let yall know about this website called Destinylfg.net Its just as useful as the public events website if not more..

    What it does is it allows fellow destiny players to group up and play weekly’s, nightfalls raids and even dailys together… As an added bonus, you don’t have to add 50 plus people to your friend’s list just for one game session… just add the random players to your party chat, and join from there. No strings attached. Check it out. I think you’ll love it.

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