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871: It’s Just Life, Man


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss smart children, having sex to new R and B music, the State of the Union, Dove ad for girls with curly hair, King Tut’s beard, Terrance Howard’s past of DV, ISIS don’t like pigeon breeding, Selma is screened at the white house, Jarame Reid, abusive deputy, Baller Alert, stabbing virgin, booty legger, pound puppy, father drops off kid, training accident and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sugahbabe

    Karen, Rod and Justin. I wasn’t ready! We weren’t ready. I was listening to your podcast during dinner and would you know it was right when your pee and feces in Jack Daniels story came on. Jesus. Who are these people?! Anyway, we missed you Justin!

  2. raininblack

    Awesome show, as usual. I just wanted to touch on that dumbass who got killed by the train real quick. My dad recently went for a job interview with CSX and they told him that it was only a matter of time before a train he was on killed someone, and that they’ve had engineers go crazy/kill themselves over the guilt, even when it isn’t their fault. The train crew usually back up to the scene of the accident and see what’s left of the body and some can’t get over the trauma, even with the counseling the company provides. So yeah, fuck that guy. Don’t jog near something that weighs thousands of tons and takes at least a mile to stop.
    Also, can’t believe y’all had me laughing at a dead puppy. smh

  3. kjdolla

    Soooo we just really going to slander my birth city Gary, IN tho Rod? I’m going to create a campaign to take away all your sponsors now lol. Now Gary has it’s issues but we don’t do no baby rape now! Great show as usual, just let my city live lol.

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