Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener emails, the NFL, Inflategate, a lopsided HS girls basketball game, Greg Anthony, Trent Richardson, Embiid put on some weight, Florida womens’ basketball theft, Greg Monroe silent on Josh Smith leaving, Ronaldo break up, Karl Hess gets let go by ACC, Scott Shelton, Dustin Johnson not on coke, Jermain Taylor is going crazy, Jeff Gordon, Dwyane Wade, Clay Matthews fined for hitting Russy, Lebron meets Ray Allen, Dion Waiters, Tom Benson’s wife is getting shady, Cowboys law suit over Dez non-catch, Ravens let a dude got for animal cruelty accusation, Robert Allenby lying, A-Rod, Odell Beckham, Blake Griffin crotch joke, NFLPA files grievance, Steelers police, Swaggy P and this week in Mamba.