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879: Chipotle Chick


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Rod and Karen discuss the Super Bowl, the ads, the half time show, Warren Sapp gets arrested, Jagged Edge speaks out, Rev back, Chris Christie and Rand Paul are anti-vaccine, Suge Knight says he didn’t see the guy he killed, album sales increased by the Super Bowl, Denny’s, school spirit rock, black man called boy, BallerAlert, Uber assault, Steal Estate, mom with 12 year old, teacher screws student, baby with a gun and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Hey, you know that part of the baller alert story where Chipotle Chick said they had sex on a bed with chocolate stains on it? Well that wasn’t chocolate, that was Doo doo baby!

  2. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    This was such a GREAT episode. I’m absolutely nominating Rod for “Best Impression” for his turn on “Dr.” Manning from 1h04m to 1h08m once the 2015 Tippy thread opens up!

    And the “Baller Alert” segment reminds me of this song!

    Love you both, you rule!

  3. sugahbabe

    I see the Rev. Dr. Manning is back with us again. And I’m here for it. Man, if y’all have enough clips, you should do a segment called Today in Semen News with Rev. Dr. Manning or some shit. This dude said he’s not crazy. Nigga pls. You damn crazy.
    Every single clip is about gays/lesbians, et al. Will someone free his inner gay, please?
    Rod, when I heard your impression of Dr. Manning, I screlled. (screamed and yelled)
    He does kinda sound like Kermit when he talks.
    I don’t think I can take more than five minutes of him. I’m laughing too hard. I’m asthmatic Rod and Karen. Are you trying to kill me for the Nationwide insurance money?

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