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880: Make Daddy A Sandwich


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Rod and Karen discuss vaccinations, supplements aren’t real, Beyonce vegan service, Robin Williams’ estate, saying ow helps pain, Oregon strippers, Stacey Dash apologizes kinda, Tillis is against hand washing regulations, breast feeding at Nationwide, over weight students, God and the Super Bowl, Oyelowo goes in on the academy, Snoop Dogg, Denzel wants to be on Empire, both sides of homophobia, the bride speaks, Eddie Murphy back on SNL, binge watching is a sign of depression, Anthony Mackie, vaginal steam douches, golf club arrest, hanging threat, Last N*ggas In Paris, was the Super Bowl rigged, BallerAlert, Coco in the bra, home circumcision, library porn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Butterbean

    It wasn’t the first time Anthony Mackie said some dumb shit on Wendy while feeling himself. After bragging about hanging with a couple of hollywood bigwigs, he talks about his rule of only working with “established” actors.

    Check out the 1:18 minute mark in this video.

    While this is the truth and is an example of how its more about who you know than what you know in order to become successful………nigga, shut up!! You look like a jackass and he spoiled it for me.

  2. Martha "mother fucking" Stewart

    That ho wants you to steam your vagina!? See, I told her ass to stick to acting.

  3. Cappadonna

    I don’t know what was funnier – Pastor Manning making that weird ass squeal when talking about the Super Bowl (I’m thinking it was a flashback to his temptation in the joint.) or Karen nearly falling out her seat in laughter. I nearly fell off the treadmill over that one.

    As for our boy The Falcon, aka Anthony “Daddy” Mackie and his sandwich. Do you think this brother suffering from the affects of the Scarlet Witch inversion spell from this summer’s Marvel AXIS storyline? Like the comic Sam Wilson, some white woman probably inverted his personality to that of an ignorant Republican coon. We may need to break the spell. Rod, as we need to work in this man. He might infect Chadwick Boseman and Idris Elba with his Wacky Tacky ‘Fro. I think Samuel L. Jackson’s Cool Old Black Man Force Field is too strong, thankfully.

    Or I can just accept that despite being a fine actor, this Nigga is stupid.

    Anyway, have a great weekend. – Cappa

  4. Mtalex

    Hi guys great show as always. I come to you guys as a humble premium subscriber with the request of having Rod do a whole show in the Pastor Manning voice. I know it’s probably too much to ask for especially with all the hard work you guys already put in the show. Love you guys keep up the great work am proud to be a loyal and faithful listener

    • SugahBabe

      I asked for this yesterday! Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s start a petition. I love Dr. Manning. He gives me extra joy on the days he’s mentioned on the podcast. Dr. Manning is the black Pat Robertson and I love it.

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