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881: Columbus Short Fuse


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Rod and Karen discuss Empire getting some big names, a train crash, Heather Cogliati killed by boyfriend, Young Thug, Serena Williams, #twirlgate, 50 Shades of Grey, AZ prison rape, acid penis, Chris and Karauche on Instagram, Columbus Short, spousal consent bill in Utah, Argentina drama, Bill O’rielly vs Uncle Murda, racist police cartoon, MLK plate, BallerAlert, football kick to wife, snapchat murder, funny mugshot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cappadonna

    Hey Karen & Rod –

    Waiting in the airport waiting for my flight home after a 10 day sales meeting, so I had to catch up on the Dynamic Duo of Ratchet. For show 881 – I have to give my Marshawn Lynch response to the news – “I’m not surprised.”

    First, sadly, I’m not surprised. by the stories about the AZ woman being raped in the prison where she worked & Arizona say “well bitch, where was your rape whistle?”. (Let’s ignore the fact that her ‘rape whistle’ was a state supplied yet broken walkie talkie.) As we call it here in Cali – it’s the Orange County Annex. It’s a refuge for every libertarian dude bro and red neck retiree who just couldn’t handle the queers & Mexicans in LA County.

    Second, the story of the young lady throwing battery acid on dude’s penis is crazy but again,I’m not surprised. What recourse does she have? She lives in rural India – it’s real in them Mumbai streets. According to some of my friends – Slum Dog was being nice to growing up in a Delhi slum. If you think America is crappy to women, you haven’t seen anything until been overseas to places in the Far East and Africa. India is the same country where a woman was gang raped, not street harassed, not called names in on Twitter GANG RAPED on a city bus and nothing happened. So, like I said, I’m not surprised that the young she had no choice but to melt her boyfriend’s dick & the boyfriend is suing her.

    Third, again, the same thing about President of Argentina killing a job that brought her up on corruption charges, I’m not shocked. Most of Latin America has been ruled by thugs and dictators for the better part of 50 years.

    Finally, Bill O’Reilly – he nor his guest have any idea what he’s talking about. Again, I’m not surprised.. But his audience are idiotic, racist white people and the “Good Negroes” who placate to them. Why would they bother to actually listen to video to learn what Uncle Murda’s actually saying in his music video. And even if they did, it wouldn’t matter. The people who listen to Fox News pretty much think Black people aren’t really humans. At least a quarter of their audience still think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Communist Invader. Almost anything from Fox News is 100% fucking with black people.

    I’m not even getting into the San Diego cop being fired for calling out the Step n’ Fetch-it training pamphlet. All I can say, well, brother, at least they didn’t use that picture for target practice. Again, I’m not surprised.

    Oh, well, what a way to end the week of project meeting and software demonstrations. Have a Good Weekend guys!

  2. Janica

    Referring to the Karrueche story: The guy spelled flouge wrong. It means to show off usually when it’s something that’s fake or inauthentic.

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