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SMR 52: Jupiter Ascending

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Rod and Kriss review the Wachowski Simblings “Jupiter Ascending”.

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    I lost interest in this film around the 25 minute mark, when the film attempts to explain its overwrought plot through clueless-ass Mila Kunis, or through a bunch of unexplainable scenes. Jupiter Ascending has all of these ideas that they throw at us; a lot of which, aren’t that original, and do nothing with them. It doesn’t matter if it were weapons, scaffolding repairs, main love story, the Wachowski’s didn’t want to explain a damn thing to us with their recycled messages, not even their idea of genetic splicing, which was the real “innovation” here.

    If I have one good thing to say about this film, besides the visuals, is Channing Tatum isn’t even the worst thing here. Most of his action scenes are well-directed, & keep the film from being a “worst of all-time” entry. Sure, he yadda-yadded his way through this film like an NBA analyst capes for Chris Paul, but other than Sean Bean, he’s trying his best here to put up an adequate performance. Kunis, on the other hand, doesn’t even know where she is most of the time. Such a bad lead. Like Seth Mcfarlane in A Million Ways to die in the West bad.

    Sadly, even the score by Michael Giacchino, is wasted here. If he’d compose the Ascending score for the next Star Trek film, he might’ve had something here to add to the foundation of that franchise; instead, it feels like a “lost soundtrack” than it does a lasting one. Hopefully, this’ll be the last of Wachowski brothers and their reused ideas.

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