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883: Lyin’ Williams


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Rod and Karen discuss the Cosby Show, Islamophobia, criminalization of Christians, Black Lives Matter class, Bobbi Christina investigation, shootings, Bruce Jenner gets in a wreck, Sleep study rapist, Birdman locked out of Minaj’s club, Brian Williams suspended, Venezaula condom shortage, emojis, the Grammy’s, cab robbery, beach sex, cat loving, mom prom, car sex, steak slap and sword ratchetness.

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  1. g2-f6acf9454b845fc59e768b19c7832082

    IRT the Venezuelan condom situation:

    “As a result of the government’s policy of slashing imports to make up for the deficit, consumer goods have become scarce and expensive, and people are forced to queue for hours to get basic products such as meat, sugar, medicine and now contraceptives.”

    So in an effort to keep money from leaving the country the gov’t has caused this crisis.


  2. Afrodiva

    Yo! Rocephus H Witherspoon,man when you started playing that Angie Fisher song, I stopped dead in my tracks and was head bobbing & stank-facing in the middle of the train station. Them vocals made me sweat! I had to go and cop that single immediately. Where is the album baby girl? I need that in my life!

    Why couldn’t she have performed instead of all that dry ass boring nonsense they had on the Grammy’s? With all the garbage that gets airplay (it’s been more than a year since I listened to the radio. I couldn’t take it anymore) and attention, it is hard to remember that there are hidden gems out there.

    Mmm, mmm, mmm. That made my night. Won’t he do it?!

  3. lrjoiner

    Did you all find the PayPal or Kickstarter for Angie Fischer because there’s no reason a woman singing that passionately can’t get through these IRS troubles. I’m definitely trying to put something into the collection plate.

  4. vcthree

    So, let’s see if I have this correct:

    Christians, which have been around since Byzantium (the Roman Empire); who have actually been persecuted in many, many societies and nations over the course of time; who have persecuted others or worse, in the name of Christianity; and as far as the United States is concerned, the vast majority of the religiously-affiliated, at a rate of 78.4% according to Pew Research…

    ..this is all coming to a end because gay, lesbian, and trans people have the audacity to demand they be treated as human beings under the law, which presumably gives them the same rights endowed by their Creator as these bigots?

    So they start whining about how their “freedom of speech” is being curtailed (it’s not), or their religious freedom is under attack (it’s not, but their “freedom” to be outwardly bigots with the force of law, all in the name of their Creator, might be), and making whiny-assed, bullshit melodramatic documentaries about it.

    They’re crying about “forcing homosexuality on people”…just like they, as “Christians”, have been trying to force all kinds of shit on people using God as a cudgel since the beginning of the recorded history of religion? Slavery, miscegenation, sexism, racism, and now this…but THEY’RE the persecuted ones for being called out as the bigoted assholes that they are, and courts straight-up Cuban B’ing their weak legal rationale and rejecting their unconstitutional laws?

    Yeah, okay. Fuck outta here.

    It’s almost as if these people are admitting that, without the ability to subjugate LGBT people–well, anyone, really; they still subjugate most women in their own churches–there’s really nothing to their religion at all. It’s not about God, but about the egos and power trips of the people running these ministries, which they keep trying to make you believe God and Jesus cosigns any of this nonsense–even though it’s been disproven time and time again.

    A “dividing of sheep and goats”? More like a dividing of the rational and reasonable from assholes like these.

  5. SugahBabe

    Man…that Angie Fisher. I went straight to iTunes and copped that song. Especially since that 3-letter agency OWES my hubby some serious dough and is playing their typical games. He’s gonna have this on repeat from now on until that cheque gets here.

  6. Cappadonna

    First, you know Bill Cosby is toast publicly if a loon like Dr. Manning can’t come up with a crazy conspiracy to explain away 15-30 (I think some of the women may been counted twice, not like it matters) accusers. When Mr “Homo-Demons” and “Semen-Lattes” think your shit is too bonkers to defend, its to call it a wrap. Oh well, I’m getting those Fat Albert DVD’s on sale, my Niggaz.

    As for these right wing goobers thinking that Gay Marriage means Southern Baptists are going to be on the underground rail fleeing San Francisco and Atlanta. I love how a bunch relatively well off white people from the land of Cow Patties, Klansmen & Crystal Meth are so worried about their rights being stripped away because Sam Smith can kiss his boyfriend and adopt kids.

    Funny has this “Christian soldiers” never seem overly concerned about
    black and brown people losing their freedoms to horrible immigration policies, out of control drug laws, poor schools, voter suppression and a myriad other issues. Hell, they’re barely concerned with the other white people losing healthcare or never achieving a living wage.

    As much as the Religious Right focus on bumping uglies, the Bible spends almost no time focusing on sexual promiscuity and barely says anything about gay people. There’s only two mentions of homosexuality in the Old Testament, and the only person who seem to even notice “the gay” in the New Testament was the Apostle Paul. What really messed with God was how people treated the poor and the oppressed. Time and time again, Yahweh’s shows more anger towards the corrupt and the cruel. Ironically, the same people who are worry about “The Sodomites” forget that Jesus flipped over the table of money lenders. Just saying.

    And those dance songs took me back to my college days & high school – lots of glow sticks, lollipops and possibly keeping my friend from OD’ing on that Special K and Ecstasy (hey, I was the “Square Black Friend” in my crew.)

    – Cappa

  7. LadyRock

    Baement Jaxx makes some nice beats. Check out their track Good Luck, its old but its everything.

  8. Tunde

    speaking of people who want Muslims to renounce violence i agree wholeheartedly on your point of confederacy sympathizers. came across two examples on facebook. one was an argument over a fox news anchor saying that the total number of extreme violent acts in the name of other religions totals zero. link here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6mmlovLE4k ). i argued with this guy for hours over whether slavery and jim crow was couched in Christian belief. after giving him facts he was just like “well that doesn’t dismiss the fact that ISIS is burning people”… like the fucking KKK didn’t burn people alive.

    also, this so called atheist that grew up in my neighborhood (one of two white families) shared an article with his comment being “Fuck Islam”. i immediately unfollowed him because his bill maher has never gone in on other religions like that. i never should have saved him from getting jumped in the 5th grade.

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