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884: X-Mens


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Rod and Karen discuss the Grammy’s, Iggy vs Papa John’s, Cella, Jeb Bush’s web director, Brian Williams caught in more lies, 50 Shades of Gray, 100 Orgasms, New Kendrick song, Baller Alert, sexiest spray, beer pong rapist, drug dealer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Nik

    Ugh @ the Riff Raff baller alert. I was eating…😷

  2. Cappadonna

    First, who cares about the Grammys? I don’t expect those cheese enthusiasts to care about our culture (well the parts they didn’t outright steal). Also, I liked Beck’s album. I’ve said numerous times – award shows like the Grammys and the Oscars reflect that tasted of rich old white guys with ponytails who love German art house movies.

    As for all these evangelicals getting up in their feelings about “50 Shades of Grey”, leaves these bored housewives alone. 1. Its a flipping movie. And to quote Madonna (looking she’s going for MILF of the year for the AVN’s in that get up on the Grammys) 50 Shades is only kinky if you’re a virgin There is far crazier stuff consenting adults can do in a bedroom.

    2. If Americans weren’t so sexually repressed, we probably wouldn’t have a good portion of the issues we have today. I’d love if someone did a seminar on Sexuality in churches throughout America. If cats were able to share what they were into (furries, spanking or just bigger boobs) with their partners openly and honestly – we’d probably have a lot less divorce in America. But, that would require those uptight prudes at the Family Research Council actually getting evangelicals to open up about honest sexual instead of shaming people – the church in general would stop shrinking.

    Except – that sounds like work.

  3. PrinceLeron

    I don’t understand why people are so mad at Kendrick because he is just being who he always have been. Kendrick has always expressed himself through the real narrative of a kid growing up in Compton. I understand why people were upset with his original statement because didn’t do a good job of explaining himself but even then people went a little overboard. When I heard the song my first reaction was to put a arm around the little nigga because I wish I could help him with the pain he is going through. He made a statement about feeling like a hypocrite and people perceived it as him calling all black people hypocrites. Why? I prefer for people to discuss this issue through their own eyes instead of just hopping on the same train of thought as everyone else. What makes this worst is that they are treating K Dot as someone who couldn’t be approached for an intelligent conversation on the matter. Of course, he not interested when he is called Koon Kendrick.

    Also, why are niggas so pressed to put on them Malcolm X glasses when they think another black person isn’t toeing the company line or discussing the issues they find most important? And that person immediately loses all credibility. For example, Kanye gets bashed for caring about racism in the fashion industry because it is it directly affects Kanye. He should be speaking the loudest on this topic because it is something he actively fighting. And every other week Black Twitter creates some snarky hashtag because one of these fashion or modeling companies says some racist or dismissive shit about black people. And then they act as if Kanye has never stood out and spoken about race before the fashion shit. How was Kanye only caring about himself when he said George Bush don’t care about black people? One reason black people love College Dropout is because the album was black as shit. None of that seems to matter now, and Kanye is just a selfish asshole.

    I guess I just upset with people setting such hard lines on racial conversions. It seems that for some people is doesn’t matter if what you say is wrong or right. If it isn’t exactly what they’re saying, they don’t fuck with you. Sorry for this being so long, I caught that yeezus spirit.

  4. Kyle

    I have to be honest, I am getting pretty tired of people getting upset over every little thing Kanye does. I mean, is Kanye a jerk? Yes he is, but people are acting like he punched Beck and threw the the Grammy to Beyonce. Everybody CALM, THE, FUCK, DOWN! Kanye wasn’t even the first rapper to storm the stage at the fucking Grammy’s. Ol’ Dirty Bastard not only did it first, but he was way worse than Kanye because it was Wu tang that lost the award.

    Hell, Kanye ain’t even the first artist to complain about the Grammy’s, let alone the first black artist. He ain’t even the biggest asshole in the music industry. Jack White doesn’t have the best reputation, Jimmy Page allegedly kidnapped a teen and music producer Diplo said this to a professional illustrator on twitter. http://tinyurl.com/ohuet7t

    Just say you hate Kanye, damn.

  5. Butterbean

    Like Chozen had said *RIP to that brilliant show BTW* ….nobody cares about the Grammys except for white folks and Kanye.

  6. boldwomensfitness

    Sia is pronounced see-ah. and she’s a pretty prolific songwriter. she’s written for Rihanna among others. check her out.

  7. Teresa

    When you think about all of the awards shows, they’re bullshit in a way. Most of these awards are so subjective. There are really no definitive measures used to come to a conclusion. Think of Best Picture at the Oscars. What makes a film Best Picture? Domestic/Overseas box office sales, how many theatres showed the film? How about profit? Or for Grammy’s Best Album, do you take in sales, downloads, radio air play or youtube plays? Those are measurable but I do not think these metrics are used in making the decision. You change the judges and you change the outcome.

    So everyone mad Beyonce didn’t win is right and wrong. People happy that Beck won are right and wrong too..

  8. Janica

    Rumor is that it was just supposed to be John Legend and Common and Beyoncé asked to sing that song because she wanted it to be included. She put a video on instagram talking about how she loved the song and wanted to perform it.

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