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885: #WackLivesMatter


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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic Ju of the “What’s The Tea” podcast to discuss The Bachelor, RHOA, Jon Stewart leaving. Gabby Union, Match Made In Heaven, Beyonce, Lana, HBCU for free, Obama lied about marriage equality, Match.com poll, we try to wrap our minds around Kendrick Lamar, Alabama, Gurley, Reggie Bush, BallerAlert, kidnapping, selfie, puppy love, candy for kids, soup stirrer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Jonathan

    Great show as always. I think Brownback is acting like a dick to make himself look better as a Vice President for whatever dim wit gets the Republican nomination. The story kind of struck close to home even though I work for the PA government. One of my fellow gay co-workers had to file a complaint against a woman in his office for harassment after he married his husband. PA has protections for LGBT workers under an executive order, which is partly why I’m only out to a few people.

    The judge in AL is an idiot. Religion shouldn’t be the basis of a court order. Him defying the order of an appellate court violates the constitution. AL passed a law banning the use of foreign religious beliefs in court rulings; Christianity is obviously from the Middle East. The only wholly American religion I can think of is Scientology. Once you remove religious objections against gay marriage you’re left with “ew that’s icky” and “if you allow this, what’s to stop me from marrying my daughter and my dog.”

    Sorry the comment is already long but a minister was arrested in AL for volunteering to perform a marriage ceremony for a lesbian couple

  2. Janica

    This episode reminded me of an article I read about about agirl dating her dad. It was so disturbing.

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