Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener emails, Joseph Randle baby mama drama, Lance Armstrong, Pacman Jones, Russell Wilson, Gronk asks a reporter out, 50 Wades of Grey, Ray Rice finally apologizes… to Baltimore, Maurice Clarrett going to school, strip club in NYC, Sapp, Kevin Love, Greg Anthony has the charges dropped, Karl Malone on Kobe and negroes, Beastmode might retire, ESPN recruiter mistweets something, Goodell made 35 million, Dwight touching genitals, MJ messes up Obama’s bday, Von Walker, Ray Rice, Melo, Riley Cooper for Black History, RG3, Oakley is no longer cool with the Knicks, Trent Richardson fat, Analytics, Greg Hardy has charges dismissed, Dean Smith dead, Tarkanian dead, Cordale, LJ, Jayson Williams and Vernon Maxwell.