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888: North West Is A Baby

North West steals the show from daddy, Kanye West's first fashion show NYC

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Rod and Karen discuss North West being a baby, 50 Shades of Grey making money, Azealia Banks vs Badu, growing operation, Kanye West, terrorism, Charles Blow, Jaime Castano, Cardinal on radical feminism, Emile Hirsch, MS Judge, The Cosby Show, BallerAlert, snake thief, corpse f#cker, killer dad and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Afrodiva

    Come on dawg! You know why Nori was acting up. She was screaming “Why daddy? Why? Are these bullshit ass fashions what you were whining about? They needed to keep you out of the industry if this is what you wanted to do. Why the fuck am I even here? I told ya’ll this shit was ugly when I was backstage working on my existential fingerpaint masterpiece.

    Ms. Yonce, why didn’t you bring my girl Blue so we could kick it? Ms. Yonce? Oh, you just gonna go against the grain and act like I’m not even here? You don’t hear me, though? You know what? Fuck this shit. I’m out….let go of me woman! Don’t you see me trying to do the dead body slide over here?! Dammit! Ya’ll keep fucking with me and I’m going to start dressing like Shilo Pitt. Don’t believe me? Just watch!”

  2. Kyle

    I agree with you guys about the dumb back lash 50 shades is facing. People seem to treat all art like its some form of propaganda, or a public service announcement.
    And Rod is right when he said that 50 shades is just a fantasy, I mean it started out as a twilight fan fiction. Does that mean that women can’t share their fantasy with other people who are interested?

    And why are some feminist looking down at women who watch that movie? What happened to having real conversations about art? Instead I ‘m seeing people crying about how much money the movie made. Hell, some artist posted some Batgirl fan art that parodied 50 shades on twitter and someone went ape shit on the artist and accused them of being obsessed with the books.

    I hope people chill out before the next book in the series becomes a movie.

  3. Teresa

    I am so sick of hearing about the Ks and their lives. I DON’T CARE. I don’t hate them either because their not worth the energy. I don’t seek out info on them but they end up everywhere. You know they live in a “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” world. They don’t care what people say about them good or bad as long as their being discussed. If you really want them to go away, stop talking about them.

    I do agree that there’s nothing wrong with them bringing THEIR baby to THEIR fashion show. My only concern for the baby would be the loud music that is often played at fashion shows but people bring babies to concerts and games and people do freak out over it. It’s just haters looking for reasons to hate.

  4. SugahBabe

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Kardashian. Nor am I a West. I have biases but it’s skewed towards warmer weather and bread. I do not have kids but I do have an opinion on this shit since everyone is weighing in on this with such strong feelings.

    Everyone calm down. The Wests are allowed to take Nori anywhere they please and people have a right to be pissed but only if you were having an orgy and Kim and Ye decided to have their baby over. Until then, just let them be. If they annoy you that much, stop looking. Stop reading. Stop saying they’re bad parents. We have no clue.

    Come on! And as for those saying that it’s ok to have kids at church, gimme a break. Babies aren’t aware of what’s going on anyway. They’re not soaking up any spirituality then. They’re usually sleeping or crying. Once they start crying, they disrupt the service. The parent has to spend half their time outside of the church missing the service or only half-hearing it.

    I’m no kid expert but it seems kids have no fucks to give about when and where they’ll ‘act out’. And I think North was being, you know, a baby. They get cranky. She’s not yet at the stage to vocalize feelings and process emotions so they cry.
    Prince George was caught on camera being cranky. No one made a big deal of it. And they shouldn’t.

    ALSO, North has been to two fashion shows so far, her Daddy’s show, which I think she should be able to attend without anyone else weighing in; and Alexander Wang’s show. Alexander Wang has made stuff for North before and she went there rocking his gear and representing like the other HUMANS were. Nothing wrong with that. And last but not least, Alexander Wang’s kid was also at his show, playing with North at some point. So why can’t North go to a fashion show? Can we just let them live and ignore them if we don’t like them? Plus some of y’all regular-ass folks take your kids with you everywhere you go like handbags and would fight anyone who dares to question that decision. Your bias is showing. Admit it and then move on from the Wests.
    We’ve got bigger issues like unregulated swords and THE fucking measles.

  5. PrinceLeron

    That story with the Mississippi judge reading the letter sounded so familiar that is has been bugging me all morning. I then realized where I remember that case from. Almost every single article about that case showed pictures of the victim but none of the attackers. The only article that displayed the attackers were an article from a British site and it only showed the female conspirators.

    That speech was so good that know that a lot of people are mad. I’m surprised that Fox News haven’t called him racist yet but the day is young.

  6. Butterbean

    Yall cant be serious defending Kim and Kanye bringing their baby to a fashion show. I had to pause the show at this point because yall are starting to say anything to justify Kanye and Kim’s fuckery. I’m not really sure why you guys are attacking people that feel that they were wrong for taking North to a place that is clearly not for babies. “It’s no different than taking a baby to church” The hell it ain’t! People expect children to be at church with their families. It’s why you hear people say “I grew up in church”. There was nothing for North at that fashion show. Why would you take a baby to a show that has nothing but morose looking people walking up and down a platform with blaring music in the background. Not only that, you know that North was subjected to having photographers flashing cameras in her little face to, from, and during that show. That’s too much going on for a baby and is why most SANE parents, like any other sane parent at that fashion show, left their baby at home. Can we stop pretending that Kanye and Kim are innocent people who are just minding their own business and doing normal shit and dont deserve the criticisms?

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