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890: Diagnosing Jessica Williams


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Rod and Karen are joined by Adrienne to discuss the cold weather, body care, fake article that Gabby got fired from Empire, Tyga, Super 8 acting stupid, Amazon Now, one way mission to Mars, Jessica Williams, Typhoid fever, BallerAlert, Food Stamp fraud, concert cum, Jesus beating, left the grand baby in a car, child support and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Afrodiva

    The funniest part of all this speculation about Jessica Williams is that I’m sure Jon Stewart lined up his replacement long before he made his announcement. As great as Jessica is, I doubt his plan was to make it Black people night. It’ll probably be Jason Jones.

    I love how Jessica responded to this whole thing. It’ll be fun watching her career.

  2. SugahBabe

    These black men who start hanging around white folks and now feel that they’ve ‘arrived’ and think they have now been ‘accepted’ drive me nuts. This fool Tyga-pedo really thinks that Black folks are out here trashing him because we’re black and we’re harsh? Like we don’t know right from wrong? And that white folks are cool with dating underage children? Money and white pussy really blinds folks to certain things.

    Re: Jessica Williams & The Daily Show. There IS something called being underqualified just like you can be overqualified for jobs. I love Jessica Williams and I think she’s absolutely well within her right to know and say if she’s not yet ready for a post like that. I personally think it’s huge shoes to fill because Jon Stewart and his great team of past and present ‘correspondents’ and producers have made this show into something that has significant cultural and political cache. She may very well feel that it’ a huge responsibility and at this age and stage in life, she’s not ready or too inexperienced to handle it. Some people know themselves better than others do and I applaud her for being honest enough to say: “I’m not ready yet”. Think about all those shitty bosses we’ve all ended up getting because someone else thought they were ready to lead but they really weren’t. They needed more experience in the field or learn how to manage people or it could be that they’re NOT meant to be leaders/managers. Put that armchair psychologist and Pedo-Tyga on that one-way flight to Mars.

  3. Tunde

    i enjoyed this episode and Adrienne’s so Philly accent. i don’t think there is anything wrong with what jessica williams’ said. if she doesn’t want the job then she’s entitled to not accept it or be considered for it. everyone who is mad that she says she feels she’s not qualified obviously doesn’t know her as well as she knows herself. let her be. like you said Rod maybe she’s holding out for something bigger and better.

  4. Courtney

    Hey Y’all!

    On Impostor syndrome: I have had a few friends tell me about impostor syndrome before and one friend even got treatment for the condition from one of the top researchers in the field on the syndrome. I have a few of my own issues with the syndrome and what it implies (sociologically and historically). But this isn’t about my thoughts on the oversights and implications of impostor syndrome! I digress.

    Anyway, the syndrome should not be applied to Jessica. I do believe Jessica’s point on her age is very important to the discussion. If she is only 25, it is possible she is also like many other 20-somethings: not sure of her path, uncomfortable making huge career decisions, indecisive, not ready to settle into such a tenured position or just busy being young and high on life! If she were to replace him it might stunt her desired career path. Or maybe she likes her current position and has other plans for growth. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to be the host! Whatever. Can she live? More importantly, she doesn’t fit the criteria. At least not from one quote! Who knows? I don’t know her.

    On diagnosing people with only a University of Wikipedia “degree”: while I do believe you can notices signs of psychological issues without being a certified professional, I do not believe you can diagnose a person with a syndrome just because you saw a perceived sign or symptom (or in this case, read a sentence). Not only is it extremely assumptive (and pompous) but it also devalues actual mental health professionals.

    On Adrienne: I’d like to nominate her for best new guest.

    Thanks for covering impostor syndrome and bringing Adrienne on! Love y’all!

  5. vcthree

    Rod and Karen, you hit it dead on: Esther Bloom must’ve just been studying the subject in some psychology class, and then saw a tweet–a damn tweet–from Jessica Williams, put on her cape, went to the laptop…THINKPIECE TIME!

    Bloom had no right, none, to armchair diagnose Williams, just because Bloom would like to have seen her take the Daily Show gig, and Williams said no, for whatever number of reasons. Bloom is basically asking a 25 year old woman, just starting to find some traction in the industry (because she’s talented, funny, and pretty) to take a job that few others would take.

    Imagine the pressure that brings: you’re early in your career, and now you’re being put in that position–to replace a guy who so many people put on a pedestal for the better part of 15 years, and retain that audience. Then all the articles, thinkpieces, expectations games, and constant comparison in the ratings. That’s tough to ask of anyone, let alone a younger actor or actress who’s only been in-house for a couple years or so.

    Oh, and also take all the shit Stewart got for not saying what that audience wanted him to say, too. Like we wouldn’t see another thinkpiece from Bloom in a year, after Jessica makes some joke she don’t agree with?

    Yeah. That’s what they’d be subjecting her to, and maybe she’s not too keen on the idea of being that lightning rod this early in her career, if even at all.

    Would it be cool to see a woman, a person of color, or both, get the nod? Sure. Will it happen? Not likely, based on the averages (I mean, unless you’re gonna put Wilmore on at 11pm, which they aren’t doing either). But is Jessica Williams suffering from some sort of crisis of confidence because she said, “Nah, not qualified”? No. Self-agency, at times, is knowing when to say, “It’s not my time right now. I’m good where I’m at.”

    But that kind of self-agency doesn’t get retweets of your thinkpiece, or a Change-dot-org petition demanding Comedy Central put Jessica Williams as host of The Daily Show. Perhaps Esther Bloom should have read her piece back, clicked “select all text”, and gracefully deleted the whole thing, before she posted it and got read herself, like a fool.

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