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889: Amber Vs Khloe


Rod and Karen discuss NorthWestGate, Ray J is beaten by Princess, Amber Rose vs Khloe Kardashian, Victoria Jackson’s lame song, STL dash cam, children forced to pray, Lyin’ Williams, Brazilian prison break, Bill Cosby, BallerAlert, rapist cuts boyfriend first, stowaway, baby diaper fight, baseball bat dad, cat burner and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    Okay, here’s what’s a trip about this episode. The town where the kid had to leave the room because they wouldn’t pray? THAT’S MY HOME TOWN. This is the second time we’ve made somewhat national news. The other? When they broke up a dog fighting ring. As for the “Twitter beef”? Thas beyond my realm of understanding. I’m still old enough to remember when folks actually had face-to-face arguments.

  2. Teresa

    I love how this ARvKK is trashing each other when the Amber’s original comment about a 16yo girl “dating” a 25 yr old man was the real issue. I agree with Rod that if social services had to visit the Smith home after the shirtless photo then they should be visiting the Jenner home. I wonder why the double standard? Hmmmm so curious.

    No prayer in schools. We had a moment of silence. You could pray if you wanted, sit quietly and mediate or nap (if a 2min nap would do you any good).

    It does sound like Iggy was trying to wrangle a immigration husband but I have not seen the evidence so he may just be framing it that way.

  3. PrinceLeron

    I started searching for Hefe Wine age as soon as you started reading the article. He was way too pressed to convince people that Iggy was 18. My logic is that if he was anywhere close to her age he would not be trying so hard. That nigga is 39 years old and Iggy is 24, so he would have been 33 when Iggy was 18. I need that nigga to get the fuck out of here acting like he was trapped or tricked by Iggy. He was a grown ass man. I don’t see any difference Tyga and this nigga, in fact this nigga is worst because he was dangling that citizenship.

  4. Cappadonna

    Can someone explain to me why the Hell are we having communal prayer in a public school? You’re right, as usual – if this were Detroit and some Baptist kids had to perform Salat every morning, these devils would lose their minds.

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