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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Anonymous

    After listening to this feedback episode I’ve figured out one thing…the show is too big. Why you ask, because whenever you start reaching a broader audience the idiots and trolls show up. Like the dude who was talking about having a toy on stand-by? For real? Nigga have you ever been around a toddler before, they’ll look at you like fuck you and that damn toy. For instance my wife babysits this little boy he’s 16 months old, I’ve had to teach my other kids that sometimes they throw fits because they can’t express themselves any other way. Like the boy got mad one day and literally just fell out on the floor. I had to stop my oldest son, 9, from rushing to him. I told him give him a minute he’ll get back up and he’ll be trying to play with you again in a second. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened. Dealing with small kids isn’t an exact science, why????…because they’re people who can’t talk yet!

  2. Gem

    i meant to leave a comment on Wednesday about this last episode of The Walking Dead. like Karen, i believe that Beth was dreaming. it seemed odd to me that Daryl saw the walkers coming but didnt alert the others. he just silently held the door. and one by one the others just happened to wake up and silently go to the door to hold back the walkers? they didnt discuss a plan or ready themselves for combat, they just held back the door in desperation. that seemed so unlike them, to me. given all they’d been through, maybe they were just tired and hopeless and them symbolically holding back a large group of walkers together was what they needed to restore hope. also i can’t explain why the walkers were laid out outside of the barn, maybe the storm carried them there? idk but it seems too unrealistic that this group would stay holed up in a barn, with the door perfectly in fact, and only nature killing off the walkers. idk man but i need answers, Sway!!

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