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893: RoboCraddle 3000


Rod and Karen discuss black Spider-man, Bobbi Brown was doing drugs, Don Lemon curses on air, Kardashians, Amber Rose, Tyga, Iggy leaves twitter, HBCU, Mo’Nique, Samuel L Jackson, Circle K, Robocraddle, white boy used to be a black woman, black menopause, Montel, DG’s Mike Brown Shot, Run from the Cops 5K canceled, Cripmas, Strange Fruit PR, BallerAlert, jilling on a car, house rapers, punching son for being gay, shaking baby over video game and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cappadonna

    I’m all for Miles Morales but I’m a bigger supporter of Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-man 2099 getting that greenlight. That dude was cutting people’s throats. Also, S-man (the true fans do not call him “Spidey”) was a grown ass man when he got his Spider powers, so we can get a little more realism. Also, when you take on a cult dedicated to Thor and the President of the United States, aka, Dr. Doom – you’ve sold me on the crazy. But that’s just me.

    As for Mo’Nique not getting that post Oscar shine – that sucks. But if she’s not willing to play by Hollywood’s rules but wants Hollywood’s money that’s the breaks. But Prince Leron has a point – because Mo’Nique gave more shine to her Image Award than her Oscar, that might be why Hollywood is passing up on her. Also, from what I’ve heard, she has her husband a little too close to the business side. Sorry homey, but keep your family out of your professional life unless they’re in the same lane as you or you’re starting a business together. Cousin Ray-Ray managing Church’s Chicken doesn’t qualify him to negotiate your next movie deal.

  2. PrinceLeron

    Do you guys remember what Mo’Nique said after winning her NAACP Image Award? I have provided the quote just in case.

    “It’s unfair when we overlook ours and we put all of this on [the Oscar],” Mo’nique told Martin. “We jump for joy to say ‘another one of us got it’ but I don’t remember the phone calls I received when I got nominated for the Image Award. I don’t remember the big powerhouse black folks calling me up and saying ‘baby, you got the Image Award.’ Now, when I got that Oscar award, that nomination, I got calls from everybody.”

    The actress went on to say that, with that in mind, she hopes that black entertainers are beginning to shift their thinking to value recognitions like the Image Awards on par with mainstream awards.

    “The moment we begin to understand what we mean to us, we get better,” she said.

    This may also be why the the Hollywood is not rocking with her right now. She didn’t put that Oscar win on a pedestal like she was supposed to.

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